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Toddler Jewelry: Pick The Best Pair For Your Baby

Buying jewelry for a toddler just got easier with so many styles available today. You can buy toddler jewelry depending on your preference. From birthdays to the naming ceremony, you can pick a style according to the occasion. 

Earrings and necklaces are the two most common jewelry styles that are available for babies. Bracelets, rings, and good luck protection pendants are also popular. 

Earrings for baby jewelry are carefully curated keeping in mind the safety of the little one. If you are looking to buy jewelry, then you must pick nothing but the best. 

Here is a list of popular toddler jewelry styles you can pick from:-

CZ sterling silver earrings 

Most parents choose this earring as an option for gifting. The CZ solitaire screw-back style is perfect for your little one. Sterling silver metal is safe and there won’t be an allergic reaction. 

The screw-back design is safe for babies, as it does not come out on its own. This style of earring is available in three different sizes that start from 2mm to 5mm depending on the size you need. 

It is a perfect option for babies who have sensitive ears. The threaded safety back of the earrings makes sure your baby feels comfortable. 

Cross necklace 

Another popular choice in the necklace, this design is best for your little girls. The dazzling silver cross design looks unique and adds a charm to the look. Again, you can choose sterling silver metal for complete safety. 

The necklace is made from cubic zircon stones, which makes it look amazing. The chain length is available in 19 inches and has a metal strap. 

The sparkling silver necklace is ideal for babies. It’s a perfect gift option for 1st birthday. You can also choose a different metal in this necklace design. 

Baby bracelets 

Baby bracelets are a popular choice for gifting. Most people prefer a silver or gold bracelet with a simple engraved design. The best part about the bracelet is, you can customize it with your choice of color. 

14K yellow gold metal is perfect for a bracelet. The metal is safe for small kids and there is no allergic reaction. It also makes a meaningful gift for little ones. 

The personalized ID bracelets can make any kid smile. You can adjust the bracelet size depending on the make and design. Baby bracelets are beautifully crafted with comfort. 

Wrapping up, 

Toddler jewelry needs to be selected with care. You can’t buy the conventional jewelry pieces that available online. You need to choose a jewelry style based on size, design, and comfort. 

Material plays an important part here as a baby’s skin is ultra-sensitive. You should stick to gold or silver metal as a first choice. Avoid any kind of imitation pieces for kids as that can harm the skin. 

The design should be simple and not complex. It should not be too heavy or else your baby might feel uncomfortable. Select a size based on your baby’s age. Small size earrings are perfect for infants. Choose the best for your little one. 

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