Tips and Tricks: Lipstick as Blush

Using lipstick as blusher? Possible? Yes! I actually wrote an article on this using photos with embarassing quality. I tried searching it in google but it’s long dead. Today, we will be using Jazzy France Jazzy Collection Lasting Lipcolor Cube. It’s a unique lip product enclosed on a cube with swirls of muave, red, and light pink. Some with shimmer some without.

Their goal for this product is to make it less “messy” and save space in your bag. I think what they meant was compared to other lipsticks that are enclosed in tubes. This product does not have the danger of their caps getting loose. This happened to me with one of Revlon‘s lipsticks and ugh the product stuck on everywhere and it was frustrating cleaning my kikay kit. (It’s the 3D HD lipstick thing of theirs)


It’s sticky and well pigmented. Creamy and easy to blend. I just swirl all the colors together because I doubt you can pick the individual colors because they’re too small.

All colors combined… now they’re Captain Planet! Kidding. It’s bright red with some cool pink undertones. 


Make sure you apply it on clean moisturized face. I use my fingers and just dab it on. Make sure you set it with a powder of your choice afterwards if you want this to last. Sometimes when I want to look more natural and dewy, I skip the powder. When using other lipsticks tho, you can skip the setting powder.
Lipstick on the cheeks

Makeup Travel Essentials: Powder, Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lipstick

Pack light. Pack smart. I use the lipstick as my blusher because it saves space, and travelling can sometimes damage our blush to smithereens so it’s better to be safe than sorry right? I experienced my Guerlain Meteorites shattering into powdered pieces just like how it broke my heart when I took it for travel. Lesson learned. Never again.

Lipstick on the lips

Oops, still have a spot of CC cream on my nose LOL
Just the right amount of rosy
There you have it! Now, you need not be afraid of using your lip color on your cheeks as well. Just as long as your lipsticks are clean and sanitized. (and ikaw lang ang gumagamit hehe). When set with powder, this lasts a decent amount of time. 4 hours without any retouch. When used as a lipstick lang, it leaves a stain that lasts all-day. 

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