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Tips On How To Select Color Contacts Lenses for Dark Eyes Effortessly

Is your eye color brown or black, and would you like to choose color contacts for dark eyes that will not make you look off or weird? The great news is that contact lenses now come in various shades and patterns, and each of them are made for certain types of eye colors-and so if you have dark eyes, then you should know that there are color contacts for dark eyes that you can look great in! However, the key in choosing the right shades of contacts for you is to know your skin type, as well as your preferred effect. Certain shades have specific effects on your skin cast and your entire face, so you need to know how the color lenses will look on your face before deciding to purchase them.A guide on Color Contacts for Dark Eyes

How then do you go about selecting the right color contacts for dark eyes? First, you should look at your skin tone. If you are also dark-skinned, you may want to go for something lighter and bolder for a piercing effect-try blue, light gray or even green. When used by someone who is dark-skinned, these shades tend to give you a very striking look-to put it more simply, your eyes will be the first thing that will draw people to you when you wear these shades. However, for something a bit more subtle yet still lively, go for hazel or light brown. These will give you that bright-eyed effect that will make you look positively glowing.

Never go for anything darker than brown or hazel, as this will just make you look drab and unnoticeable. The best thing about having dark skin is that you have the opportunity to look more striking and make better use of lighter shades than those with already lighter skin to begin with.


Now, if you have dark eyes and light skin, then you can try to stick to medium shades of brown, hazel and gray as you want to even out your skin cast and your eye color. Another great type of color contacts for dark eyes to try for those who have fairer skin is violet-this is a very striking color if you have a light complexion. This looks more natural and a lot more comfortable on those with light skin, and is truly a great way to stand out in the crowd. Don’t worry about looking too weird-the fact is that violet contacts blend in with your darker eye color so you won’t look like you have cat’s eyes.
How to Look Great in Your Color Contacts

When chosen properly, color contacts for dark eyes can do a lot to brighten up your facial features. This is why it’s so important to choose the right shade to match your skin tone and blend in with your eye color perfectly. The right color of contact lenses can make you look more interesting, or, on the other side of the spectrum, drab you up even more. Therefore, choose carefully before deciding on your pair.



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