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My First MUA/Stylist Experience

I’ve been practicing makeup artistry for 4 years now but I never did professional or paid gigs. Just favors for friends because I really enjoy doing it and seeing the “before/afters”. A couple of months ago, I did a shoot for my cousin’s prenup and helped with the styling and of course doing her makeup.
It was the first time I did a gig outside metro manila and in a nature inspired shoot pa. ^_^To tell you honestly, I can understand the high rates of MUAs! It is not as glamorous as it seems. (It’s not, but it’s still fun)


My clutter <3



My model barefaced




After concealer, foundation, liner, brows and contour; I’m a fan of natural but makeup that enhances natural features so highlight and contour is one of my specialties


She wanted it simple, so I just gave her a light beige/brown eyeshadow with black winged eyeliner to match the red lip


With mom and sister





The shoot was held in our backyard in Lipa Batangas. If you are interested in holding shoots here, just feel free to pop me an email and we’ll talk about rates ^_^; This has a nice nature inspired theme, plus no need to camp out since our house is just right in front


Not the actual professional photos. Since it’s a prenup, it can’t be published yet 🙂
Styling team L-R: Andrea, Kat, Aira Model: Anne

I’m currently building my portfolio so if you’re interested in getting my services, sponsor, or anything else just send me an email. As of now, I do not charge in cash 🙂 Exchange of goods + blog promotion is okay.


  • Askmewhats

    Congrats sis for job well done! you're right, MUA is not a glamorous job, pinapaganda mo ang ibang tao at ikaw ay mukhang kawawang sisiw ! hahahahha and the funny part? The picture taking at the end of the day, sobrang funny tignan ang MUA laging kawawa hahaha

    Anyways, goodluck with your endeavors, I'm sure darating ang time you'll get paid for your hard work 😀

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