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How to Remove Stubborn Mascara

I’m a fan of Japanese brand mascaras because of how they make my lashes long, volumized, and curly. But boy oh boy when they say it’s waterproof, weather proof, smudge proof, all-proof, IT REALLY IS!
Some are even oil proof! So your cleansing milks and oils wont budge the sucker without harshly rubbing your eyes. *ouch*

Now how do I remove my mascaras?


Yup. I think they should indicate this on their packaging as well!

I dip my cotton ball or pad on to a tub of warm water.. press it gently on my lashes (eyes closed please) and gently smooth away the mascara.. You can see bits sliding off and dont be scared! Theyre not your lashes! Theyre the mascara gunk!

Warm water removal is also beneficial for our eyes at it can sooth eyebags and relax our eye tissue.
See my other post here regarding warm compress for eyebags


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