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Toilet Bowl Deodorizer Drops – Snoe Beauty Potion #2


All smiles because we FINALLY have a product that answers all our public restroom worries. Before you move forward on reading this post a disclaimer is a must. If you are too sensitive on topics like (poop, toilet, urine, odor, fart) aka masyado ka maarte then just skip this review.  Today on the blog we’ll be featuring a Toilet Bowl Deodorizer Drops from Snoe Beauty Inc. Yes, they’re now moving steps ahead and offers us products beyond makeup!


What is a Toilet Bowl Deodorizer Drops?

Toilet Bowl Deodorizer Drops aka Potion # 2 can eliminate personal bathroom odor! This handy dropper can be brought anywhere for a less embarrassing and scent-sational bathroom experience! It costs 349php and you can purchase it on Snoe Beauty 




Place a drop of Potion # 2 in the toilet bowl before you go. Eliminates odor before they get into the air.




I was hesitant at first. I mean, we can just drop any cologne, alcohol, or perfume inside the toilet bowl to “minimize” the foul odor but trust me, I tried and it doesn’t work. Potion #2 from Snoe Beauty however, works like magic. While I prefer that they include their top secret ingredients in the label (there’s none), a drop in the bowl transforms the water into an invisible cloak for any foul odor that will go inside. Whether it comes from poop, urine, or fart. It’s a must have in any bag, especially for folks who frequently go out and use public restrooms in case of emergencies!. Just a drop and this will miraculously eliminate any foul future odor you may emit!




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