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Opulence Glutathione Supplement Review



As time goes by, I’m now satisfied with the skin color I have. I now take glutathione supplements to maintain my fair skin and it’s detoxification health benefits. A lot of readers have been asking me if there’s an affordable yet effective glutathione they can take and after years of searching. Yes guys years. I finally discovered something budget-friendly to recommend. Opulence Glutathione.

If you have questions simply go to my GLUTATHIONE FAQ page


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Price – 1,500php/bottle of 60 capsules (WOW THAT’s CHEAP!)
Packaging – It comes in a simple sealed bottle that contains 60 capsules
Does it work? YES! It will lighten your skin if you take this consistently for at least 3 months to see changes. One thing remarkable about this product is its content. It’s complete with glutathione, NAC, ALA, Vitamin E, and an new ingredient, Selenomethione. Honestly it’s the first time I’ve head of the ingredient so I did a bit of research. It’s basically Selenium. It’s an anti-oxidant that boosts heart an liver health. Opulence Glutathione Supplement is more than just a “skin lightening” aid. It’s an effective and affordable anti-oxidant. Surprsingly, even if this has ALA, I did not get unsightly acne breakouts. However, take this after a meal to avoid acid reflux.

Will I buy again? YES. It’s so cheap I can take this as a maintainance!

Rating: 4/5


  • Precious Joy Angeles

    Hi MS. Kat! I bought Opulence Glutathione capsules for Php1,000 (60 pcs) I think yung Php 650 is for 30 pcs po ba? Sale siya nung binili ko. But It took me a long time to earn that money since I have a lactating baby. Im on my way top finish my first bottle and I notice that my skin gets lighter (realtalk here) And yes! you are right when you said that it can be a maintenance since it is cheaper yet quality product. Plus, it has already a booster that you dont need to buy separate for better absorption and effect unlike other gluta caps that needed to have a booster for better effects. I have read many reviews about Opulence but yours are most informative and has a complete details. Keep more bloggs coming Ms. Kat! Great review =)

  • Mokona Modoki

    It isn’t the first time I’ve heard about Opulence Glutathione. Nagtingin talaga ako ng mga reviews before purchasing. Dami po kasing naglipana na fake products. And I think, sale ngayon ang Opulence and I am really craving for their Detox Charcoal Soap. Sobrang laki ng mark-down nila. Sarap mag-order. Hehe.

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