K-Palette Real Strong Lasting Eyeliner
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My K-Palette Makeup Haul | These are the BEST EYELINERS ever!

K-Palette Real Strong Lasting Eyeliner

When you love someone, or something. Sometimes it’s harder to define, compared to something you absolutely hate. Is that right? Just like how I’m struggling to find the words to express how much I love K-Palette’s cosmetic line filled with waterproof and transfer-proof everything. In tagalog we say “pang-harabas” which means: Something you’d wear or put-on when you know you’re going to be out and about. HAHA! That’s filipino language for you! The longest meanings can have the shortest descriptions.

So how do we begin? Maybe when I first discovered K-Palette when I was working in Singapore way way back in 2012. They’re known for having real lasting makeup and true to their claims. If you’re looking for eyeliners that can take you from day to night with ZERO touch-ups. Then this is for you!


My K-Palette Makeup Haul

K-Palette Real Strong Lasting Eyeliner

When I ran out, I tried other eyeliners and eye pencils. But none matched the performance of K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliners. They even have a new variant called K-Palette Real Strong Eyeliner which has a unique formulation that can withstand even saltwater. WOW. They recently had a super sale so I bought my favorites including the latest kind.

Price Range: 700php-1,000php

K-Palette Real Strong Lasting Eyeliner

There’s something about their technology and formulation that makes their eyeliners the BEST in the business. Whenever someone asks me what is the best waterproof eyeliners, I always recommend K-Palette because I know it won’t fail them just as it didn’t fail me. Fool-proof. If you can’t read the description on the photo above here’s the summary:

  • Super waterproof!
  • Easy to remove using warm water
  • Smudge proof
  • Vivid Color
  • Eyelash care

You see, I’m also very particular with the pigmentation of the eyeliner. It should be the blackest black and matte. I hate shiny liners. It looks tacky and cheap.

See how saturated the colors are below? That’s just with one line. The 3rd photo is when I rubbed it as hard as I can HAHAHA… The last photo is my eye makeup after 12 hrs of wearing the K-Palette Real Strong Lasting Eye Liner. Tried and tested. This baby can last through heavy gym workouts to post-breakup tears.

I believe they also have other makeup recently launched like their cream blush and brow gel. This is one of the few cosmetic products that I actually run out off and something I would buy over and over. BEST. EYELINERS. EVER. PERIOD.




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