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Train without going to the gym

Want a great body without having to go to the gym? Think it isn’t possible? Well, it is!

Not only is a gym unnecessary, but you can have a lot of fun while getting just as fit. Here are tips on how you can work exercise into your life, with no weights necessary.

Loosen up

We spend so much time seated that we forget that our bodies are made to move. If you’re at a desk all day, check your posture. Make sure your back is straight. Try using an exercise ball in place of a chair (that will help your core muscles and your balance).

If you spend your working day on your feet, check how you’re walking. Is your back straight, or are you hunching forward? Is your pelvis tucked? Are your shoulders back while you stand tall?

Be mindful

Check how you stand and sit. Try sitting down very, very slowly, as if you’re going into a slow squat. Do this every time you sit down.

When you are standing or reaching for something, give yourself a good stretch. We forget to stretch, and yet it feels so good when we do!

Choose your bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight exercises are fantastic for building strength because they allow for a broader range of movement as you work out. The resistance (working against the band) builds muscle without the need for weights.

Start with some booty bands, like these at

The best bodyweight exercises to master

Here’ s a selection of the best bodyweight exercises to master:

  • Lunges. Lunges are brilliant for the hamstrings, glutes, and quads. They’re also great for learning to keep your balance. Note: If you want to work in some fat-burning cardio at the same time, try alternating jumping lunges.
  • Squats. Squats build your leg and butt muscles, and you can do gentle ones to warm up, followed by deeper squats as part of your main exercise routine. Note: To work your core simultaneously, you can hold a heavy can or another object in your hands as you do squats. You can also wrap a booty band around your thighs to work the outsides of your legs too.
  • Push-ups. Push-ups work the chest primarily, but you can work these into burpees if you want to do the fat-burning cardio version.
  • Tricep dips. You just need a bench or chair or even the floor. There are many ways to do tricep dips.
  • Planks. You can do planks in the traditional push-up position, or side planks. Both are great for your core muscles.
  • Superman. The superman exercise is excellent for your back and your core. You can wrap your booty band around your hands or above your ankles for an added challenge.
  • Glute bridges. These are excellent for the hamstrings and the buttocks. Your booty band can go around your thighs so that when you push your legs out to the side, you’re working those side leg muscles at the same time.
  • Chin-ups or pull-ups. These arm and shoulder exercises work well with longer resistance bands and are an excellent way to do assisted chin-ups or pull-ups if you can’t lift your body weight. There is no need for a bar: you can wrap a resistance band around any stationary object at the right height.
  • Rowing. These are great for the chest and back, and can also be done with a resistance band. You can wrap a band around a desk or table leg, and row either standing or seated.

Choose a selection, not all of them

From the above exercises, start with 2 for the upper body and 2 for the lower body. You can build up your routine from there, but it’s best to be consistent rather than start with too much and stop too soon.

Don’t forget the warm-up and cooldown

Remember that it’s essential to warm up before exercising, and to cool down afterward.

Warm-up ideas

Any of these could serve as a proper warm-up:

  • An easy walk
  • A few minutes of light jogging in place
  • A slow cycle ride
  • Jumping jacks

Cooldown ideas

Here are some ideas for your cooldown:

  • Light jogging or walking
  • A comfortable yoga pose, like child’s pose
  • Walking on the spot while swinging your arms
  • All of the above!

Last tips to remember

If you are new to training at home, aim for 20-30 minutes’ exercise several times a week. Start gradually and then build it up.

For the resistance exercises, start with 10-15 reps of each exercise.

Remember to concentrate on your form when working out. If you know an exercise should be working your core and you’re feeling it in your neck, you may be doing something wrong.

If you want more inspiration for specific routines to follow, you can find more here.


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