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Trying Out Pond’s Flawless White

pond's flawless white

Update 10-30-2011: Think I found an HG material. This works the same as expensive brands like Shiseido and Shu Uemura and Kanebo’s whitening skincare line. 7 days is all it takes for that rosy white complexion. (If you are fair in the first place like me) but if not it will take years + glutathione intake

So while buying diapers for my baby at the local drugstore, I was looking for something that can make my skin “rosy white”. I used to be an avid and loyal user of Pond’s whitening creams since Highschool and stopped because I was trying out a lot of different products. But I won’t forget my HS Economics teacher told us. (He’s a guy, he’s straight and has a girlfriend, and yeah he’s cute too haha) He showed us his picture when he was in highschool and he looked sooooooooooooooooooooooo dark and ruddy. But seeing his face back in HS, he has this glowing rosy white complexion that suits his mestizo features. (LoL at him not using whitening products on his arms though haha!)


He told us that he just used Pond’s everyday and letting the cream be absorbed through his skin, he even gave us a demo on how to apply! I’m sad that I can’t remember the name of this teacher though 🙂


So long story short. I bought a bottle of Pond’s Flawless White Day Lotion. Why not the cream? Because the cream is in the pot and I find it unhygeinic, this one is in a convinient pump.


You all know how my zits look like and those nasty acne scars. I’m gonna use this in conjuction with M2 Skin Refinish and Differin.

 I got 2 weeks to make my skin clear again.

How about you? Have you tried any of Ponds whitening products? How about different brands? Can you suggest anything else to try? 🙂

Love lots!!


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