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Are you hungry? Sir yes sir! : Army Navy Burger and Burritos

Have you ever felt so hungry that you think you can eat more than you can chew? Haha.. that’s a very loopy question I’m sorry. Anyway, I was so hungry that day that instead of having my usual lunch at Piadina (their cheapo daily special hehe) it was packed full so I opted to try out the burrito at Army Navy Burger and Burrito. I got their chicken burrito, special fries (cheaper version: McDonald’s twister fries), and special iced tea (which at a steep cost, tastes exactly like Wendy’s iced tea)

Now we all know words are not enough.. so here are the food pics and review up ahead.


This burrito is HUGE. Twice the size of Mexicali’s (twice as delicious as well)
It’s jam packed frmo top to bottom with rice, spanish beans, onions, tomatoes, meat, and more. It comes with a lime sauce and a mayo-garlic dip that tastes quite similar to a shawarma sauce.
The fries are tasty, crispy, and well cooked,. Even if I was full from the Burrito I was still able to finish this

For a typical burger joint, Army Navy is pricey. But you get your money’s worth with the size of the food and also the taste. So maybe if you get certain cravings, you can try and eat here. As they say in their catchy slogan “Come in hungry, come out happy” Well I came in hungry, but came out barfy from all the food I ate. HAHAHA



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