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Two bloggers have more success than one – finding another blogger to collaborate with

Every blogger wants to have a big impact on their followers but there are times when their strategies do not work and the only solution they could use to grow their influence is to partner with another blogger. If you are not a beginner blogger then it is no reason to explain to you why it is important to collaborate with your competitors. Blogging is not similar to other careers, your followers can also follow other bloggers and you can all have success if you share your public. You do not sell products manufactured by yourself, you are the brand ambassador of a company and if you partner with other brand ambassadors, you have greater chances to convince the public to trust the firm you promote.

Starting a blogging alliance has only benefits for you because you will be able to grab your partner’s traffic, their followers and their social signs. But you will also have to allow them to do the same with yours. This strategy will help you have a mega-successful campaign and in a short period you will see the benefits of this collaboration.

However, in order to get all these advantages you have to choose the right blogger to collaborate with, therefore you may need some pieces of advice to understand how to find the perfect match.


Check their experience in blogging

When looking for a partner, one important aspect to check is the longevity of the blog. Yes, some people may say that you are a snob because you want to collaborate only with an experienced blogger but you have reasons to do it. If they are in the industry for a long time, they have numerous followers and they have established a reputation for themselves. Your collaboration will be a long-term relationship and you do not want to get stuck with a person who cannot help you meet your goals. You need a partner who has the ability to stick on the market for a long period, and their experience in the field is a good starting point.

When checking their experience, you have to pay attention to the projects they handled before and on the results, they got. Take a look at their previous and current projects and be convinced that they will do the same. According to the type of activities you will have together you will want the person you will collaborate with to have an attention to details and talent in doing what they do. Checking their skills can help you understand if you have the base for a partnership.

Remember that all bloggers are humans. You should not be afraid to contact bloggers who have more success than you on the market, they are always in search for new collaboration and they will consider your potential when they will decide if they want to partner with you or not.

They need to prove consistent in their actions

Being consistent in your action is a vital factor for remaining influent on the market. All influencers have their own way of being and this is the one factor that helps them remain successful. However, it is important for them to remain true to their colours in time, because this is a proof they will be reliable partners.

You can start the check by surfing through their blog activity and checking what content they promoted in the past. Of course, that all persons have some pieces of content they are not proud of and they have decided to switch the direction and to focus on the aspects that help them succeed. But you have to check the frequency of their writing and their commitment. Do they state that they are fashion bloggers? Then you should check if they focus on this aspect or if they try different domains.

When checking their consistency you should also verify if they are following the things they say. It is easy to make claims, especially when you do it on social media, but it is important for you to collaborate with a person who is doing what they are saying.

Do research

You are a blogger for some time and chances are you already have an appetite for a certain type of posts. When starting your blog you have definitely researched the popular blogs in the niche you are working, and some of them have captivated you. You have followed their activity for a long period to learn what to do, and now that you are looking for a partner, you can contact them and see if they are willing to start a collaboration.

Even if the blogger is a reputable person with a popular blog you still need to conduct a people search action on them and to find out some extra information to make sure that they are who they state on their blog. You have to remember that behind the web page there is a person and if you did not care who they are when you were using their blog as inspiration, now you do care because you will first collaborate with the person and then with the web page. You can use an online tool that requires only the name and state where the person stays, in order to offer you complete information. You will find all their social media profiles, their email address and their lawsuit and civil records. They will all offer you information on the type of person the blogger is.

When you do research, you should also find out what other people have to say about them. You can get a good picture of who the blogger is if you check what other bloggers and past partners have to say about them. If they are known for collaborating with certain brands, you can ask them for references. When you do research, you should make sure that you respect the privacy of the other person and you do not transform in a stalker. You should research them the same way you would want them to research you.  

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