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Urban Decay 24/7 Naked Eyeliner Set Review and Swatch

D’oh.. I shouldve gotten the regular eyeliner set. Now all I have are browns, bronzes, grays, and a black. It’s my first time to own these set of eyeliners and I’m an “eyeliner” addict. Eyeliners are a great way to enhance your eyes without being to obvious compared to colorful eyeshadows. I am trying my hardest to master the “natural no makeup look”  and liners are one of the main keys.

L-R: Stray Dog, Underground, Bourbon, Demolition, Zero

Zero is dark black eyeliner–it’s not as intense as Perversion, but it’s not a gray-black either. It’s a soft black overall. This is a permanent shade.
Demolition is a dark brown with subtle amber warmth around the edges. This is a new and exclusive shade. Try CoverGirl Brown as a possible dupe.
Bourbon is a warm, medium-dark brown with subtle bronze shimmer. This is a permanent shade.
Underground is a taupe brown with a satin sheen. This is a permanent shade.
Stray Dog is a gray taupe with a satin sheen. This was available in the 15th Anniversary Set previously.

Urban decay eyeliners do glide like silk and butter, no harsh tugging and once it sets, it really sets. BUT I still don’t recommend this for lining your waterline because it still, and it will smudge. The best liner for waterlining is still Makeup Forever’s Aqua Eyes. But overall it’s a pretty good deal because the set is just a few bucks from a full sized pencil.

Anyway, Temptalia did a better job in doing the swatches.


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