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Video Tutorials: Halloween Looks Blisters Zombies and Zip Face

Yes, is it too late to post halloween makeup tutorials? On halloween’s eve? Haha!! Better late than never. Surfed around the you tube and spotted these awesome makeup tutorials for halloween.

This one is a DIY to make boils, blisters, and icky skin. If you have icky skin already, move on to the next one. Just kiddin đŸ˜‰

Next is a freaky unzip your face ala leather face… it looks so realistic it’s bordering creepyville.
Oh, and since Walking Dead and zombies are getting popular (ehem world war z ) here’s an undead one for ya


and I’m kinda bummed there aren’t any halloween parties in my current office. Boo… no fun! but I remember I posted a much much late halloween makeup last year of 2010
This photo was taken last year hehe
Oh and if you’re from Pinas! Happy super long weekend! A lot of holidays this November it’s sooooo cool!
Oh and while youre at it, Bactidol shared some of their own twists on popular horror movies like Psycho and The Ring
and nope, was not paid by Bactidol (sadly.. :p) to post the vid. Just posting out of good will. Hehe.

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