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Makeup Mess and Makeup Organization

I don’t have a lot of makeup because I’m not a hoarder. I just keep what I always use 🙂 and keep what colors look good on me but have a selection from all colors if possible. But even if I don’t have a lot, it still makes up a clutter. Keeping them from one makeup pouch to another, it’s hard for me to realize that for example when I go to the mall, I already have this shade of lippie already.

Pwedeng wallpaper no? Hehe ang gulo ko!

I notice a lot of women being organized with their things from their bags, accessories, to shoes. Well, some folks just have to realize not all women are the same! Haha! If there’s anyone here who’s like me who’s a clutter-bunny please raise your hands! *raises hands* if no one raises their hands or commented on this post if they are a clutter-bunny, I’ll just shy away in one corner hehe

Plastic Drawer: 379.75PHP at SM Dept. Store

You can get these type of drawers at SM Department Store at their home section, or at Ace Hardware. It’s really nice since you have a taller bottom drawer underneath where you can store your bottles and tubes and the upper drawers are enough for blushes, compacts, and lippies. I placed my liners and shadows on top.

Still don’t know where to put my brushes, any suggestions? :O

Oh and for some updates, I’ll be posting Oliver Tolentino’s latest bag collection MASAYA c/o rags to riches.
Koh Gen Do posts/pricelists/reviews will be done the following days. Hope y’all can patiently wait 🙂 my boss at work is getting strict lately hehe and we all know that work’s a priority.
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