Watsons offers more Sustainable Choices products so you can DO GOOD for the environment

Trusted health and wellness partner Watsons continues to provide Filipinos with a wider range of products while staying true to its brand promise of looking good, doing good, and feeling great through its sustainability efforts.

Watsons Sustainable Choices has launched an unprecedented collaboration with Plastic Bank, which is expected to further boost the retailer’s efforts to DO GOOD for the environment. 

To date, Watsons’ collaboration with Plastic Bank, which was established in 2021, has resulted in 16,700 kilograms (estimated as 833,000 bottles) of ocean-bound plastics collected and the lives of 163 collectors and their families improved.

Shop for Sustainable Choices products at Watsons and be part of this noble effort to help save the world’s oceans. 

There are almost 1,200 Sustainable Choices SKUs now available at Watsons Philippines stores and online channels to help provide customers with better options, including Clean Beauty, the use of Better Ingredients, Better Packaging and Refills. This initiative is part of Watsons’ long-term commitment to protecting the environment anchored on four pillars—Community, People, Customers and Planet.

“Every purchase of a #SustainableChoices product supports the fight against plastic waste while improving the lives of collectors in vulnerable coastal communities, in collaboration with Plastic Bank. We hope that by making it much easier for customers to choose wisely, more people will be motivated to do the right thing, for themselves and for everyone else on the planet. Customers are now very much aware of the impact their choices have on the environment and society as we at Watsons continue to increase our efforts to lessen the impact of our business on the planet. Along with our supplier-partners, this is a three-way partnership toward sustainability,” said Viki Encarnacion, PR & Sustainability Director of Watsons Philippines.

Plastic Bank works around the world to keep plastic out of oceans while building ethical recycling ecosystems for coastal communities. Plastic Bank has established over 65 collection centers comprising 1,990 members across Metro Manila, Naga and General Trias.

“Watsons continues to DO GOOD NOW with its partners because we believe that saving the planet is a shared responsibility. Plastic, for instance, is considered a waste and in the health, wellness and beauty industry, we have a lot of that. The mission of Plastic Bank is aligned with our promise to help preserve and protect the environment,” said Encarnacion.

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