What’s New? Brazilian Facial at Strip Greenbelt 5

Whenever waxing comes to mind, pain becomes synonymous. Graphic images of women screaming “yeeooow” or to give you something to imagine,  the famous scene from Steve Carell’s movie 40-year old virgin.  So every scheduled trip to the waxing salon, thou shall come prepared.

Instead of my usual regular old waxing, they offered me to try their latest one; The Brazillian Facial. Ever since I tried their service, I don’t think I’ll go to another waxing salon again. Yes, waxing is painful, but here at Strip, they guarantee to remove all your hair down there in 30 minutes or less. That’s the least amount of time I’ve experienced in brazilian waxing. Their waxing technicians are experts in their field and trust me, during my session, I barely shouted like Steve. They don’t double dip and they use brand new disposable hygeine kit for each customer.

What is a Brazillian Facial?

After waxing, the pores on our skin open up. Making it more prone to rough spots and ingrown hair. Polishing the area is like giving your hoohoo area a facial/spa treatment. Buffing it and polishing it to make it smoother, even fairer. Why fairer? Because they put in a generous amount of vitamin C serum to brighten the area.
You can have a brazilian facial anywhere you get waxed like arms, underarms, bikini, legs, and the whole hoohoo (you know what I mean )-_-

My Experience

It’s something new! Have you experienced getting a diamond peel? It’s similar to that. The machine they used is like a mini-vaccum that sloughs of the dead skin cell making your skin smoother, clearer and brighter! It’s like a massage-facial-diamond peel in one. It’s quite relaxing I must say!

Would I do it again?

A most definite yes. It’s the perfect partner to a brazilian wax. It’s like giving your hoohoo it’s well deserved prize after the pain! A piece of heaven for your hoohoo.
Brazilian Facial FAQ
Find and Follow!

The technicians noticed my brows were victimized with bald spots and they offered to re-shape it back to normal. AMAZING. Brow Haus (partner of Strip Manila) got to have the best brow threaders! They do miracles for your brows (I’ve tried more than 5 threading salons already).

I was teary-eyed (of joy)  after the process because my brows were presentable again. 


After – Hooray! Perfectly shaped eyebrows!

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