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Personal Musings

Who’s Reading This Today?

I guess you’d notice even if I’m still posting reviews consistently. I haven’t been posted posted yet. All the published posts previously were my drafts from 2 weeks ago. Haha. This week, I’ve been busy with the real world, and also with re-designing my blog. From graphics, to coding, to optimizations. Everything is done by yours truly. Cray-cray I know right? How are you all doing? I’d like to apologize for not answering your disqus comments super fast because I truly been busy.The re-design is not the last of the changes you’ll see this month. So stay tuned for Monday next week! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the changes as much as I will. Posting clutterly and without any organization, confuses me as much as it confuses you. *hint hint* so your daily dose of kikaysikat will pretty much be clearer starting next week. My posts also won’t be solely focused on a certain topic only. We’ll have more variety in the upcoming days ahead.


So… A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my birthday, got a new tattoo, got myself braces (WHAT?!) and mastering the art of focus because my mind is totally a mess with millions of ideas swimming around in my brain.

So I’ll leave you with the photos that best describes me today….. #nofilter #hyper #craycray

Not my real hair. They’re Tokyo Posh Hair Extensions

If you’re reading this as of this moment… leave a comment and say hi please! I’d really like to get to know my readers better 🙂