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Why You Need to be Cisco Certified Using Exam-Labs

While getting certified is unremittingly becoming a norm, it’s best to assess what to choose and what not to. The tight competition among IT companies is not just limited to their products and services but also to their certifications and training.

Most certification programs by leading companies are meant to aid professionals of different levels – from those with limited experience to those with an extensive background. And if you’re looking for an industry-acknowledged certification provider, then there’s no denying the popularity of Cisco.

Cisco, who?

For those who aren’t familiar with Cisco, let’s get into the basics. Cisco has its own mark in the IT industry that is tough to battle out―simply because they are one of the top tech companies in the world. Their reputation has been tested and recognized for many decades. And still, they don’t just settle for less, which makes them a thriving global leader.

But, do you really need a Cisco certification?

Before we give a definite answer to this question, we will list down all the main benefits of being Cisco certified and how to be one in the future.

  • Widely-accepted certifications

When we talk about Cisco, it’s often associated with IT and networking. And through the years, Cisco is still alive and kicking, offering a range of widely-accepted certifications. Since their certifications are accepted worldwide, this also means that these are available globally. Plus, Cisco offers different certification levels for different professionals. Their Cisco Career Certification program has five network certification stages – Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect.

Some of their in-demand certifications are the CCNA Routing & Switching (CCNP S&R), CCNP Data Center, and CCIE Security. These top certifications and their specific exams are all utilized by thousands of professionals around the world.

  • A badge of proficiency

Whilst many certifications claim to be reliable, only a few can actually prove its reputation in the global market. And without a string of doubt, Cisco is part of the list of providers that flash that badge of proficiency. For instance, when you take one of its popular entry-level validations, Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT), it means that you have proven your knowledge in IT networking. The CCENT exam 100-105 ICND1 allows you to fortify your skills in enterprise branch network and network security. The knowledge and skills you’ll gain with the CCENT includes network fundaments, infrastructure services and maintenance, and switching and routing technologies.

In return, recruiters not just see your base knowledge but also realize your potential in real-world scenarios. So, even if you have less experience, the CCENT certification can help you stand out and give you an edge among other candidates.

  • Higher paying jobs

Reality check, people who are armed with certifications are more attractive to recruiters―much more if these are Cisco credentials. The badge of Cisco proficiency entitles you to get an extensive range of job opportunities. But since Cisco certifications are no ordinary validations, employees would downright consider you as an asset to the government, hence the upsurge in salary. Let’s take, for example, network engineers with the CCIE R&S certification. Since this is already an expert-level validation, then its exam is a series of challenging tests.

For the CCIE R&S, you need to know that you’ll need to go through and pass two stages―the written and lab exams. Its written exam 400-101 requires you to complete 90-110 questions in 120 minutes. On the other hand, its lab exam is a vigorous 8-hour practical test to validate your skills in the actual configuration of equipment and troubleshooting of network. Knowing that you need to go through challenging exams before gaining this expert certification, you will be rewarded with a higher paying job. Furthermore, the chances of getting promoted are high with the help of this Cisco certification. Being a Network Architect, you can earn annually about $138,881, according to PayScale website. The average salary of Solutions Architects is about $142,141.

  • Expansion of skills and career paths

Knowing that Cisco is one of the biggest IT corporations in the world, gaining at least one of their certifications allows you to branch out to other career paths. Diving into Cisco’s networking path opens a chain of skill opportunities. You will learn various facets of networking and security that will fuel your need for career growth. You can choose among careers like data center, routing & switching, wireless, security, cyber operations, and more.

And when you become a Cisco-certified professional, you can jump into diverse technology arenas like banking, media, aerospace, utilities, professional services, telecommunications, transportation, and even government. With the large selection of job breaks, you will not be limited to one industry only, hence giving you different job options in the future.

Starting your IT career path with Exam-Labs


So, do you really need a Cisco certification? With all the main benefits of Cisco certifications, the answer is a resounding YES!

And when everything’s set out and you’re ready to be Cisco-certified, then one of the best ways to pump up your preparation is through Exam-Labs. Providing candidates with everything they need to pass a certification, Exam-Labs has all files for different Cisco certifications and more!

Their updated exam dumps and training courses expand your knowledge in a unique way. Using the provided VCE Exam Simulator, simple files are extracted to become a more realistic and fun exam experience. And through Exam-Labs study resources, it’s not hard to enhance your current strengths and discover new learning.


Don’t get left behind when recruiters seek out new talent. Be the perfect candidate with your Cisco credential and prove that your portfolio is not just all talk. So, maximize Exam-Labs to the fullest and enjoy the benefits in the long run!


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