cathy doll mini
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Your Favorite Cathy Doll Products are now in Travel-friendly Minis!

cathy doll mini
cathy doll mini

I won’t make this post long. You read it right! Your favorite Cathy Doll Philippines makeup & skincare are now available in cute and travel-friendly sizes! Take a look at the size reference with my palm.

Cathy Doll Philippines Mini

Nude Me Lipstick
Nude Me Lipstick

The Nude Me Liquid Matte Lipstick in Moss Rose is a rosey-nude favorite that flatters most skintones.

CC Cushion
CC Speed White Powder Pact

Their CC Speed White Powder Pact has all the benefits of a CC Cushion without the sticky feeling!

Oil Control Film Powder

The Oil Control Film Pact Powder claims to leave skin matte and oil-free without the white cast. Sounds familiar? Looks like a promising dupe for my favorite Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact. I’ll be trying this out in a few days and let’s see if it’s a buy or a bye on my next review!

Have you tried anything from Cathy Doll Philippines? Which product is your favorite and what are you currently using right now?

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