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Yves Rocher Volume Vertige Mascara Review

If there’s one thing I miss having it’s a good NON-waterproof mascara. A regular mascara. Something that’s easily washed off with soap and water when I’m in the shower. I mentioned how much I loved IMJU Fiberwig because it easily washes off with warm water, but it just does not give the volume that my lashes need.

Luckily I get to try Yves Rocher Vollume Vertige Mascara. It’s from their latest line and it promises lifted and curled lashes with maximum volume. How does it fare? See for yourselves! 🙂


The wand is made out of rubber with short strands and coked shaped. The formula is a bit wet, making you able to put layer after layer. It doesn’t dry as quick so be careful in blinking!






You see? You see? What I love about this mascara is that it volumizes and separates even with 4 coats already without spidery clumps. It’s also washable! This has been my go-to daily mascara since you know how frustrating it is to use makeup remover on your eyes every single night just to remove that stubborn mascara. Gosh especially Japanese Mascaras! They’re quite a challenge!

This has to be one of the best non-waterproof mascara I’ve used since Maybelline’s Great Lash LOL

What’s your favorite mascara so far?

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