5 Things To Consider When Looking For A Wedding Venue

Apart from your dream dress, sumptuous meal and elegant theme, wedding venues are an important aspect of your wedding day. Not only does it set the mood, but wedding venues also incorporate other things like your vendors, décor, guest attire, motif, background, and other things.

According to an article published by Fortune, a soon-to-be-married couple spent an average of $35,000 for the big event and that figure is even considered conservative. A big chunk of that budget, almost half, goes to wedding venues. No one wants to waste that amount of money if it will not help materialize your ideal wedding day.

To help you make the best and most of it, here are some times to consider when looking for a wedding venue.

It is all about timing

Well, I am not talking about the right time of falling in love or the right date for your wedding day, I’d like to discuss the importance of knowing the availability of a venue. If you are scheduled to tie the knot in the months of June, July, August and September, then you need to hurry and inquire about the place. These months are notorious for being the time where many people exchange their vows.

Availability is one of the reasons why some people take a year to prepare. It pays to give an ample amount of time for preparation to ensure that you get what you want on your special day.

Location Matters

Your wedding venue location matters for a number of important reasons. One, it will be a factor for how many guests to invite. Two, it adds drama, mood, and atmosphere to the whole event so it needs to be appropriate for your theme. Three, are there other establishments you might need nearby like a hotel for overnight accommodation? Four, are they accessible to the majority of people? For that one, think about kids, elderly, and disabilities.

Your venue also needs to be weather appropriate. Is an outside venue to cold or hot and uncomfortable for the people? Do you imagine a wedding on a beautiful hillside? Check the normal weather patterns before setting a date.

Facilities, Amenities, and Services

Does your venue have facilities, amenities and services that can help you out have an outstanding wedding ceremony and reception? Because if it does, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. It is a totally convenient setup. If they can accommodate your light and sound needs, then there is no need to look for a vendor.

Having additional facilities and services also serves as an advantage in a way, since they will be able to transform the venue to your liking in a more efficient manner since they are well familiar with the location.

Does it Fit The Budget?

This decision needs both parties to agree or at least meet half way. As said earlier, venues are known to be one of the expensive parts of wedding preparations. It is important to decide about the amount of budget you are willing to spend, before looking at the wedding venues. It can be quite heartbreaking if it’s too expensive when you found a location that exceeds your price range. The only possible options would be to look for another place that fits your budget.

You can be smart about wedding locations if you are just creative enough. Public parks, someone’s beautiful backyard, or a friend’s barn will only cost you a little, if not for free.

Operating Hours

Not every venue can accommodate a long night celebration, so if you are planning an after after party then you need to know if they can answer that request. In addition, some wedding venues have stricter rules and regulations like moderating noises, alcohol limitations, and other things. These are important to know before you settle on a venue.

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