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3 DIY Hair Trimming Methods You Should Know

If your dream is to look admirable and unique at all times, then trimming your hair is probably at the helm of your to-do list. This is an essential undertaking that helps to combat split ends and breakage. Therefore, if you maintain a consistent trimming routine, there is no doubt that your hair will grow healthy and quicker in no time.

If you have been looking for simple DIY hair trimming methods, look no further! Below are some techniques you can use;

Blow out hair trimming method

In case you go to the hairdresser because you tend not to see the dry, split end, then the blow out technique is your ultimate answer. All you need to do is stretch the strands with your blow drier, and you will easily see and cut the ‘unwanted’ hair.

However, remember that heat can be detrimental to the hair and the scalp. Therefore, use the low or medium heat setting when using this method.

luscious hair
luscious hair

Search and Destroy Hair Trimming Method

If you have the time, why not sit in front of the mirror and look for the single strand knots or split ends and trim them? Truthfully, this method is tedious, but its results if done right is worth your time.

Well, if any of the above methods work for you, below are some tips that will help you reduce split ends;

Hair twisting method

In this method, you will have to first separate at least one inch of a section of your hair. Then, twist it tightly so that you can easily see the split ends. Then, trim them off, twist another part and repeat the process until you are done with all the strands.

With the above methods, trimming your hair at the comfort of your home is simple. For more information about hair clippers and other tools you can use to trim your hair, go to

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