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Are You Clingy?

A lot of relationship advice you can find over the internet would tell you that being clingy or needy is bad. It can suffocate a person and can cause hazard to your relationship because you’re not giving the space needed by your partner. What are the signs you are needy?

1 – You call, email, and/or text too much. If you’re over-communicating your partner, you’re bound to be single. You don’t need to be checking in every two hours. If you want to run a woman or man off quickly, this is one of the best ways to do it.

2 – You are overly-emotional. You share all of your feelings right away and you always doubt yourself. You need constant reassurance about your relationship, work and friendships. That is a instant turnoff. Most people interested in a relationship look for a strong partner they can lean on. So if you are always leaning on your partner, they might doubt your ability to do this. Remember, women and men want a partner who is confident and independent–not insecure and dependent.

3 – You are always available. This means you’re too available. Nobody wants a man/woman who are always available because it makes them think that you don’t have a life of your own, making you far less desirable. Being a challenge to your partner makes you more desirable. When you meet someone you like, show interest in them, but ensure that you keep your regular schedule and don’t be available every single day.

4 – You do whatever they want. You let your partner walk all over you and then continue to be a doormat and allow it over and over, giving up things you really value in an effort to align your life with their wishes. This is a instant turnoff no matter what their actions are displaying. Women and men are not looking for a partner who agrees with everything they say. They are looking for someone confident who can stimulate their minds and not bore them. Don’t be a yes man or yes woman.

5 – You need constant reassurance. You constantly need to hear how great you are and you constantly need your partner to stroke your ego. This is a sign that you have low-self esteem, high insecurities and a poor self-image of yourself. This behavior can become tiresome to most people because they don’t want to deal with a partner that needs constant assurance.

In my opinion. There is no such thing as being needy/clingy.  If one gives more than what the other needs, the latter would feel he/she is being overwhelmed. Give less and he/she will feel unwanted.What the relationship need is to have balance. But you know what? We should just let our partner know what we truly feel without over analyzing every single move we make. Love is never a game.

Let me know what you guys think!


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