Review: Celesty Shinagawa Perfect Concealer

What? Shinagawa Derma Celesty Perfect Nude Concealer
How much does it cost? 1,500php
Where can I buy this? At Shinagawa Aesthetics Center in Makati or

Ayan finally! *crunches knuckles and fingers* It’s time to review makeup! I’m practicing a thing called bulk blogging. I take the photos in bulk, edit them in batches, then write them individually per schedule. I thought this would make me more productive or time-efficient than doing them per product. Saka I want to spend less time blogging at the office LOL. So far so good. That’s why I bombarded you with press releases earlier this week because I’m taking my sweet sweet time to concoct you with quality reviews! You guys deserve it. First up on my list today is Shinagawa’s DermaCelesty Perfect Nude Concealer.


When I first glanced at the packaging, I thought to myself; Okay, this is just another of those concealers. Nothing special. It looked pretty basic, even the ingredients are simple as it is. Pigment and titanium dioxide in a petrolatum base. I wasn’t expecting much. It doesn’t have any fragrance, it comes in a simple pen packaging and when I felt the product, it is quite thick and would need some warmth for it to blend well. These are my first thoughts, but guess what? It surprised me when I used this on my eyebags! See the before/after photo at the end of this post


I like swatching foundations and concealers on my tattoos. Whereelse can you find great comparisons in coverage when you swatch it on heavily pigmented ink such as this. I got the shade in 01 which is their lightest I think. It is yellow-toned and has thick coverage. This is a single layer on my arm right there. A little goes a long way.
Left: Without concealer Right: With concealer (No foundation, concealer only on eyes)


I don’t have any pimples so I used it on my dark undereyes instead. As you can see on the photo on the right, it looks very natural, and it didn’t fade on me throughout the day or wear off fast. Minimal touch-ups required because this concealer lasted a good 6 hours on me.
What I like about this product is how it blends seamlessly to your skin. Simple warmth of your finger tapping is all it takes. I just dabbed the product around 3 times on my ring finger to heat it up and then tap it on my eye area, very gently!
I recommend this to ladies who are in search for a good undereye concealer. This product doesn’t cake, or settle into fine lines. I got complements that “hey you look like you slept today”  instead of “hey, what concealer are you using?”  Au naturel is the IN thing this 2015 and this is perfect for the no-makeup-I-woke-up-like-this look.
What I don’t like is how the product can only be bought exclusively in their stores. It’s not accessible to everyone compared to purchasing makeup at the malls.
My rating for this is 5 stars. It says it’s a perfect concealer and it does the job pretty well. I was a skeptic, but it changed my mind. I won’t judge a concealer by its packaging that’s for sure!


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