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5 Ways a Medical Emergency Can Impact Your Lifestyle

Everyone hopes they will get through life without any major maladies. When you’re young, you often feel like you’re invincible, but you frequently learn that is not the case as you get older. The longer you go without any significant injuries or illnesses, the better it is for you, but the longer you live, the more likely you’ll encounter health problems.

A medical emergency can change your life dramatically or even completely derail it. Let’s look at some of the ways your life can change if something injures you or you become ill suddenly.

You Might Need to Liquidate All Your Assets

The first thing you should realize is that medical bills cause two-thirds of all US bankruptcy filings. This is the strongest evidence possible that America needs to get away from privatized healthcare.

However, many politicians still balk when facing the prospect of socialized medicine. Also, lobbyists pressure them to try and keep healthcare privatized.

Until that changes, many US citizens will continue to go bankrupt every year when they face unexpected medical expenses. Think about it: could you afford a sudden, six-figure medical bill?

If it happens to you, you might need to liquidate all your assets. Even if you can avoid declaring bankruptcy, you might have to use all your savings. You might need to get a second mortgage on your house or borrow money from a relative.

You Might Not Be Able to Live as You Once Could

Depending on the medical emergency’s nature, you might not be able to do many of the things you once could. If it is something from which you can recover, you could be out of action for a while, but you can come back from it.

Unfortunately, some medical situations change what you can and can’t do forever. For instance, maybe you’re in an awful car wreck, and you suffer a spinal cord injury. You might never walk again.

If something like that happens, you’ll need to figure out a new way to live. This is a nightmare scenario for many people, but we all need to play the cards that life deals us. That’s the only logical attitude to take if the unexpected occurs, but it won’t be easy.

You Might Experience Deep Depression

In a scenario like we just described, where you suddenly lose your mobility, lose a limb, or something else dramatic and unexpected, you might struggle emotionally. You might feel like what happened to you isn’t fair, and you may struggle to comprehend why it occurred.

You might have to see a therapist to get some perspective on your new life. You may need to go on antidepressants so you can continue with your daily routine.

In time, you should accept your new situation, but it’s going to be a significant challenge, doubtless one of your life’s biggest.

Your Relationships May Suffer

You may have been a happy-go-lucky individual before getting sick or injured. After it happens, you may feel completely different. You might not smile like you used to, and you may not enjoy the activities you once did.

The people in your life might find the changes distressing. You may try to put on a brave face for them, but it’s hard to maintain that demeanor forever.

You might find you’re snapping at those close to you. You don’t want to be abusive, but it will be hard for you to adjust to your new situation. Hopefully, you can retain your most cherished relationships and not be too hard on those you love.

Your Work-Life Might Change

You also might not be able to work at the same job you had before the illness or injury. It depends on the illness or injury extent and what it was you did.

You might not be able to do quite what you did before, but maybe you can try a different job within your niche that fits you better now. Perhaps your company will allow you to work from home if that is an option.

You might find that you need to leave your profession entirely. If so, you’ll need to get creative and come up with another career path for you. You may have some limitations, but you can probably develop a new plan if you talk to your loved ones and think about your other interests.

Medical emergencies seldom impact your life for the better, but with courage and fortitude, you should get through it.

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