5 Ways to Feel Better AND Look Better in 2018

This year has just begun and it’s exciting to start fresh by feeling better and looking better. There’s nothing like being your best for the new year. Here are 5 ways to help you accomplish that in 2018.

  1. Move more

This year isn’t about trying to force yourself to do squats when you hate how they make you feel. Movement doesn’t have to be at the gym, although it can be and is fun sometimes. It can also mean getting outside with your children or your spouse and walking for a few minutes. It can mean getting up from your desk and walking downstairs to the coffee shop, then walking back up the stairs. Adding movement to your day is easy and if you plan ahead, you can make it enjoyable. Most studies say you need thirty minutes of movement each day to stay healthy. So if you took a three ten minute walks around your block with your dog in a day, you’d be getting the minimum exercise you need. Find ways to move more that you’ll enjoy because you’ll keep doing it.

2. Buy yourself something nice

We work hard and as the song says, “She works hard for her money.” So why not take a bit extra and buy yourself something nice. You can go online to ItsHot and find jewelry that’s affordable and luxurious. You can splurge and buy yourself that Michael Kors Clutch you’ve been wanting. As hard as you work to keep your home running well, your children take care of, and your spouse supported, you deserve to get yourself something nice. Jewelry always makes a woman feel special and wearing something new can rejuvenate your spirit and liven up your wardrobe. Buying a new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing at Charming Charlies is also a great way to make yourself look better and feel better. Affordable accessories are small things that you can invest in to bring joy and beauty into your life.

3. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself you also look better and healthier. There are many ways to meditate from taking just a few minutes to do deep breathing exercises to taking thirty minutes and using guided meditation. Joining a yoga class is a great way to connect with others who are looking to enrich their lives. The added benefit of yoga is that you have an instructor right with you to show you the correct techniques. There are many different types of meditation including Heart Rhythm Meditation, Kundalini, Qigong, and Guided Imagery. Another type of meditation is Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on what’s around your in your physical environment to keep you grounded in the now. It can be as easy as focusing on washing your hands and concentrating on the feel of the soap and the warm water. It can break anxiety with practice.

4. Consider changing your hairstyle

As we grow older, longer hair doesn’t look as good as it used to on us. It makes us look older and more haggard. If you’re getting close to the back side of 39, you might consider changing your hairstyle. Shorter cuts with added volume do wonders for your self esteem and can refresh any look. If you’re in your thirties, consider just adding volume to your hair. There are many techniques to help you do that and you can search YouTube for the top hair styles for women of your age bracket.

5. Eat and drink healthy

This final way is truly the most important key to feeling and looking better in 2018. Studies have shown that eating a healthy nutritious diet can improve your physique as well as your mental health. Drinking plenty of water also keeps your skin hydrated and brain working smoothly. Our bodies are 80% water and when the brain doesn’t receive enough hydration, it will start to slow down and not work as well. Keeping yourself well hydrated keeps your skin plump and young looking as well. As we age, we tend to lose elasticity in our skin, but drinking plenty of water can help keep you looking younger.

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