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6 Fun Accessories for the Summer

Accessories are an essential part of any outfit. Having the right accessories can genuinely allow your beauty to be accentuated, making you shine no matter the occasion. For the summer, you have the ability to play around with different accessories than those in the other months, so have some fun with your outfit by trying out these six fun accessory ideas!


Aside from being essential for sun safety, sunglasses can change the mood of your outfit. The range of sizes and styles of sunglasses is huge on the market, allowing you to pick exactly the message you want to convey. For more fun and loose outfits, try more oversized and chunky glasses. Perhaps a smaller pair would make the fit come together for a chic and darker look. To add more flair to a regular pair, find a cute glasses chain to add convenience to your style!

Colorful Jewelry 

Jewelry, in itself, is a great way to elevate any look. Consider adding more colorful and chunky pieces to your collection for the summer months. Large rings can prove a pop of complementary color to your already fun outfit. A big necklace can frame a dress, and bangles add that extra sparkle to a plain shirt. With colorful jewelry, you have the ability to control how heavy you want to go with it, making it an excellent option for accessories this summer.

Big Hats & Baseball Caps

Big sun hats are not only fun, but they also give your outfit a fabulous addition. A bright-colored sun hat will provide you with shade and a pop of color in the most visible part of your outfit for a more fancy look. More toned and muted colors won’t take anything away from an amazing dress or shirt. Pairing a fun sun hat with a pair of fabulous sunglasses will also get you a very sophisticated look if you are aiming for that.

If you want to go for a more chill look, try incorporating a dad hat or baseball cap. Fun ones with texts and embroidered designs can complement parts of your outfit or make a statement, all while looking cute. Hats like these, much like sunglasses, also let you get more sun protection, allowing you to bask in the warmth with less harm to your skin. 

Sandals, slippers & slides

While the earlier accessories covered the upper half of your fit, shoes can balance an outfit on the bottom half. If you like to go plainer with your look, try a sparkly pair of sandals to add the flair you need. For busier styles, a simple pair of beach slippers or slides can be both light and not overwhelming. Try to avoid heavy shoes, and your feet will thank you later! 

Hand Bags

Handbags, like sunglasses, are both practical and fashionable. Are you going to the beach? Bring a big bag and make it the statement piece of your outfit. Summer night out with friends? Grab a smaller bag that matches your other accessories. Bags come in all shapes and sizes, making them work with any outfit or occasion you may need. If handbags fail your fit, try a fanny pack instead for that trendy look coming back into the spotlight.

Hair Clips

Keeping your hair away from your neck is preferred during the hot weather. There are many great options to do so in a way as well! Hair clips are a great way to add a jewelry-esque accessory to your head. Coming in a variety of colors and materials, hair clips can help a specific color be accented throughout your outfit or add a sophisticated touch to your overall look. Depending on your hairstyle, you can also pick through different sizes of clips that work best for you. If you want a more fun spin, try throwing it back with some butterfly clips inspired by the 90s!

Summer is a time for fun, from the places you go to the clothes you wear! There are plenty of fun accessories and styles to choose from as you plan your warm-weather looks. Start experimenting and find the vibe that works best for you!

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