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Banana Boat Dry Balance Sunscreen Review – Stays on in 7 Conditions!



Good day you guys! How are you keeping up with the summer? Well, to be honest the heat is probably here the whole year round because ~climate change~. Just like how we need to use a good sunscreen not just when you’re going out to swim or hit the beach. Soaking up your skin in sunblock protects you from harmful UV rays that causes early signs of aging (also see: Why You Should Use Sunscreen). Today, we’re going to review the new Banana Boat Dry Balance Sunscreen. It claims to stay on in 7  conditions all while still making you feel dry and comfortable. How does it fare?

We put the sunblock to the test with the #AmazeSkinRace hosted by Banana Boat Philippines in Pico De Loro Beach Batangas last April 26 2018. With 7 challenges each corresponding to every condition. We’ll be able to see if it will keep up and withstand the test.

Banana Boat Dry Balance Sunscreen Review + #AmazeSkin Race

7 Conditions 7 Challenges

  1. Wind
  2. Sun
  3. Heat
  4. Sand
  5. Pool
  6. Sweat
  7. Ocean

But first, what makes Banana Boat Dry Balance Sunscreen special? According to their website, it’s formulated to absorb excess moisture, and dry with a soft matte finish – so nice that you’ll want to reapply! Designed for ideal skin feel, Banana Boat® Dry Balance™ Sunscreen keeps you protected from the sun while feeling dry and fresh so you can enjoy your day – no matter where you are!


  • Provides safe and effective broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • Dries with a soft matte finish
  • Lightweight, non-greasy formula absorbs excess moisture while allowing skin to breathe
  • Water-resistant formula (up to 80 minutes)


Active ingredients are listed as follows: avobenzone 3%; homosalate 9%; octisalate 4%; octocrylene 5%.


First things first. Do I like this product? Yes. Banana Boat Dry Balance Sunscreen is easy to spread, smells like tropical fruits (mild), and absorbs quickly. It dries to a clear matte finish that’s smooth to touch. Compared to to other products that either dries sticky or leaves a greasy sheen. This also works great even under makeup. It’s actually my favorite banana boat sunblock as of date and it seems that they’re stepping up their sunscreen game.

Now while it is matte and dry, it isn’t as lightweight as I expected it to be but I don’t mind at all. I like feeling protected. It comes in 2 variants: the spray type for the body, and the cream type that you can use for your face. It has an amazing SPF rating of 50 and has both UVA and UVB protection.

In terms of withstanding all 7 conditions, I might say they’re successful on this part. I generously applied the sunscreen all over my body in the morning, and after all those challenges. After taking a shower, my skin (which I’m protecting so much because I’m trying to lighten my skin again) stayed the same color! That’s like around 2 hours of 12-NOON SUN EXPOSURE! Wow!

I LOVE SUNSCREEN and this formulation is A+ for me! It’s long lasting, comfortable, and non-sticky.This is perfect for travel and beach trips that would expose you to elements.






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