Why Moms Love Running on Treadmill Instead of Running Outside

Don’t Dread the Tread! There seems to be a lot of “Treadmill Hate” going on between “Runners” and “Non-Runners” alike these days. Why? Yes you can tell me your many reasons why you don’t “heart” the treadmill (i.e.. boring, feels like you’re staying in the same place etc.…) but let me tell you 5 reasons why I think the treadmill at you home can be pretty dang awesome. If you don’t grow to love the treadmill after reading this, that’s ok too, but maybe you will go from hating it to “deep liking” it after you hear me out!

Bad weather? No Problem!

No matter what type of weather is going on outside, it won’t affect you on the treadmill. All of us runners talk about winter and icy and snowy temperatures with running and treadmills in the same sentence a lot. But what about when the temperatures are too hot? Treadmills are great to combat cold and hot weather while still sticking to your training regimen. Even wind and rain won’t get in your way.

Set it and forget it!

Whatever pace you set on the treadmill, it won’t change. I LOVE to do speed work  on the compact treadmill that I have in home because I can set the pace that I have to hit and it stays there! There is no guess work, no checking my watch multiple times, and it’s set. And I really like that for many reasons. Treadmill running has really helped me get my running speed faster. And if you ever push it too far, you can grab the handles and jump your feet off on the rails. It may take a few times to master this and get the confidence, but this is a great way to push speed and run hard until the last second of your run.

Guiltless TV watching

Ok, maybe not guiltless, depending on what TV shows you’re watching 😉 lol! But I love that I can save a special episode of a favorite TV show to look forward to and watch while I run. I know that I am doing something good for my body and so I don’t feel bad about some TV watching! For this busy mom it is a lifesaver when my kids get to pick the shows 90% of the time! It actually makes me look forward to my run. Some of my current favorite shows throughout the year are Amazing Race, Downton Abbey, DWTS, American Idol, SYTYCD, Revenge, Modern Family, SNL and many more. Pick your favorite show and enjoy it while you burn some calories! I like the idea of being a “treadmill potato” rather than a “couch potato!

Being Home

For this busy stay at home mom, a lot of my training runs are done in the early morning hours of the day, or during nap time. Thank you treadmill! It is nice to have a bathroom close by and water close by too without having to carry water or plan a bathroom route. I love being able to fit in an awesome treadmill run while my baby sleeps. Also great for any late night runs too.


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