Something New: Daily’s Diet Delivery Review

Like you, I’ve tried a lot of diet delivery services in Metro Manila already. Some were bland, others had bad service, some were so-so, others were overpriced! That’s why I created an entire list, to help you guys choose and pick which service is the best for you. I did stick to some for a while but if you know me, I like to switch, rotate and try something new! Let’s get to know Daily’s Diet Delivery. Continue reading for the full review and FOOD PORN!

Daily’s Diet Delivery

Daily’s Diet boasts of serving great tasting calorie counted and balanced meals 5 days a week. 

How much does it cost?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks (yay for calorie options!)
  • 1200 calories (P1,950 for 5 days) 
  • 1500 calories (P2,200 for 5 days) 
  • 1800 calories (P2,450 for 5 days) 

Where do they deliver?

Anywhere in Metro Manila and it’s FREE DELIVERY


  • Macronutrient Content – 4/5
  • Calorie Allowance – 5/5
  • Taste – 5/5
  • Customer Service/Timeliness – 5/5
  • Price – 5/5
Their meals arrived on our doorsteps everyday around 530PM in the afternoon. Walang palya si kuya! I chose the 1,800 calorie meal plan because I’m a growing girl and need a lot of food! (I eat on top of this pa ha) 

Remember. To lose weight, you need to eat! Starving yourself will only slow down your metabolism making you FATTER. 

Holy cow it’s delicious. I was expecting a bland meal because almost all diet deliveries taste like diet food and I tolerate it because it’s “healthy” but Daily’s Diet surprisingly tickled my tastebuds! Each meal served was a hit on my stomach! Masarap sya! I imagine their food being served in pricey restaurants. The serving for 1,800 was generous as well.

In the entire 2 weeks of my subscription I appreciate the variety with their food. They rarely repeat meals and they’re not lazy of preparing dishes. Unlike others who just throw in chicken breasts and season it randomly (BORING) they actually cook real meals with love. You can feel it.

It’s balanced with a mix of vegetables, meat, fruits, pastries, and rich soup. I can remember their clam chowder was so tasty it melts in your mouth. There was a lot of seafood inside like squid, shrimp, fish, and clams. I suddenly craved for their soup again today while writing this now. T_T


We’re talking about food here. We subscribe to these diet delivery services for convenience, taste, and to support our fitness goals. Why should we torture ourselves with awful tasting subscriptions? Here’s what I have to say about Daily’s Diet. Kahit makulitan kayo saken. 
They have the best tasting meals I’ve tasted so far. I’m sure I won’t eat my words (and I hope they don’t change the consistency and quality of their food para hindi naman ako mapahiya no!)
I highly recommend Daily’s Diet for anyone who’s looking for calorie counted meals that their tastebuds would love! (continue reading to see their meals)

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