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7 Affordable Cities for Winter Travel

7 Affordable Cities for Winter Travel

Traveling doesn’t always have to include spending a great deal of money. There are more than plenty destinations you could visit even when you are on a tight budget. So, if you are up for an amazing winter vacation, but you have a short budget to rely on, here are our top 7 picks for best affordable cities for winter travel:


One of the most romantic and picturesque cities in the whole of Eastern Europe. Beautiful architecture, reasonable prices, amazing coffee shops, breathtaking hot chocolate, etc. Everyone who has visited Prague in summertime knows just how pretty it is, but the whole winter atmosphere brings out a different flair, especially when you’re strolling around those sweet cobblestone alleys.


If your aim for this winter is to find a perfect getaway place, where you won’t be bothered by too many people, and you would be surrounded by unfathomably beautiful nature, Slovenia has a special place just for you. Lake Bled is a real gem. It’s known for its healing climate and thermal lake water. However, there is plenty you could do besides from relaxing and contemplating, like hike or ski.


Everyone who’s looking for an amazing sport-oriented winter vacation, Innsbruck has to be among your top picks. Innsbruck is the Austrian Olympic city, and it is one of the most famous skiing destinations in the world. Prices aren’t exactly the cheapest, but they are still reasonable and do make it an affordable place to visit.

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Budapest just screams romance, and winter is the absolutely perfect time to visit the capital of Hungary. Compared to most of the other European capitals, Budapest is one of the most affordable destinations you could choose. Amazing food, ornate thermal baths, astonishing architecture, to name but a few reasons for why it should be on your travel list.


Breathtaking Iceland. If you have never before experienced the magnificence of northern lights, Reykjavik is the place to visit. Blue ice caves, hot springs, hot pools, extraordinary nature, what else would you want from a winter vacation?


Amsterdam is the place to visit at least once in your lifetime. Even though tourists mostly visit it during the summer, Amsterdam in winter is incomparable. Apart from its amazing architecture and crazy nightlife, Amsterdam can offer you a peaceful winter vacation that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Plus, most of the time, it’s voted as one of the most romantic cities in the world!


Even though it may not be the first destination on your list when it comes to winter travel, Venice is outstandingly beautiful regardless of the time of the year. Some locals would even go so far to tell you that you can meet the real Venice only during wintertime. Accommodation is far less expensive, and there are no crowds of tourists just buzzing around. Make sure to check out the famous Carnival of Venice (February through March) !

If, however, you are a big fan of ski chalet accommodation, French Alps have a lot to offer. La Tania is the perfect solution for everyone who is into skiing and enjoying winter from a wood clad chalet.

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