A detailed look into the Leo-Pisces love compatibility

A lion in the sky and a fish in the sea- Leo and Pisces are one of the most unique pairings in the zodiac universe. The burning flame of a Leo may be doused by the water of a Pisces. Or, the flame may completely burn the Pisces out. As strange as these two individuals sound combined, they do have a chance of finding love together.

Leo and Pisces both desire love, compassion, and a long, lasting relationship. This may seem like the thing to pull them together, or their vastly different personalities may attract them like magnets. Often, Leos cannot handle another Leo in their life- too many flames will cause a fire. A Pisces may just be what a Leo needs to balance out his/her spontaneity. Let’s take a further look into the Leo Pisces love compatibility and see what makes them so unique and different.

Relationship Dynamics
Leos are often known for taking on leadership roles both in their professional lives and out. Pisces, on the other hand, are more introverted and prone to follow orders rather than give them. This could eventually lead to an unhealthy, unstable relationship if the “give and follow” dynamic continued.

One way that Leos and Pisces counter this dynamic is by taking turns under the spotlight. While a Leo is always up for being the one to save the day, sometimes it is best for a shy Pisces to step out of his/her comfort zone and take center stage. This type of “give-and-get” relationship is much healthier and could lead to the relationship lasting longer.

Communication is Key
Communication between the two signs is likely tricky due to their different personalities. While Leos tend to hide their feelings and exhibit only what they want the world to see, the empathetic nature of a Pisces allows him/her to see past this. This is one quality that a Leo desires most in a relationship- someone who understands and loves them.

The introverted nature of a Pisces makes him/her very prone to being hurt by harsh words from a Leo, which are bound to come. Regardless, communication is not nearly as impossible as it may seem. Both signs can take small steps to understand each other and think before they speak. Leo being a bit gentler with his/her words and Pisces being less narrow-minded can lead to a loving relationship

Being so Different, Can Trust Ever be Built?
The planets have a lot to do with this component. Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune which gives her/him the tendency to be very self-conscious, and Leo by the Sun which makes him/her both possessive and jealous. Anyone can see where the mistrust might come into play considering the major personality traits of these signs.

Creating a perfect balance between these two extreme traits may be a test worth taking. By passing the tests given by each other, trust will eventually begin to build.

Sexual Compatibility
There are a lot of dead-ends in the sexual compatibility between a Leo and Pisces. While both signs are amazing lovers, one wrong move could mean the end of the relationship.

Pisces are known to ease into the physical aspect of a relationship. They prefer to take the time to gain emotional trust before getting into bed with their partners. Leos, on the other hand, are not as slow. They are very impatient and know exactly what they want when they want it. This can be problematic because if a Leo delves into the sexual aspect too early, this can completely deter a Pisces.

The best thing to do in this situation is to take the time to understand each other as you would do in any healthy relationship. Setting limits and boundaries are also a great idea that would help a Pisces’ nerves, but may slightly irritate a Leo. Trust me, the irritation is worth it in the end!

Leo-Pisces Shared Characteristics

While these signs may seem like complete opposites, they do have some similar traits. This, of course, is what makes them compatible. Here are a few of their shared traits:

  • Very romantic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Curious¬†
  • Always see the good in others
  • High value on friends and family

These signs are curious about the world around them and hold those they love most dearly to them. As opposites attract, a Leo and Pisces may prove to have a long, successful relationship if the right work is put in. Any relationship requires work, and these signs are in for a lot of it. In the end, a relationship between a Leo and Pisces may just be the perfect love match.

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