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A Match Made in Heaven: 5 Accessories That Compliment Your Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are the perfect style for summer and fall in cold climates and year-round wear in places like Southern California. They’re comfortable, stylish, and so versatile they can be worn just about anywhere.

Women who have only recently embraced this trend often have trouble deciding what accessories to wear to compliment their maxi dresses, though. This article will clear up all that confusion and make it even easier to rock that must-have style.


The Perfect Belt


Women who are worried that their beautiful silhouettes will be lost in all that fabric will find that adding a belt at the waist is an easy solution. Once they find the perfect maxi dress, they can start looking for the right belts. Go for a thin one that draws the eye to the waistline to add some elegance or a thicker belt in a clashing color to make a unique statement.


Colored Headscarves


Fashionistas can trace the origins of the maxi dress back to the hippie era in the United States. It is thus appropriate to draw inspiration from the rest of their wardrobe choices, too. Headscarves look great with maxi dresses, especially if women buy scarves that match the dominant color of their dresses.


Colorful Purses


Color blocking is all the rage this year, and monochrome purses form the perfect complement to simple print maxi dresses. Try finding a purse that complements the color or the pattern of the dress but also stands out. Women can also incorporate colorful jackets and belts, but choose different colors for maximum effect.


Simple Shoes


Maxi dresses are usually long, flowing, and comparatively casual. It makes more sense given this style to wear simple shoes like flip-flops or neutral-colored slip-on shoes. Some women also enjoy wearing gladiator-style sandals and open-toe pumps, especially for more formal occasions or simple sneakers for casual wear.


There are a few kinds of shoes that women should avoid wearing with maxi dresses. Don’t wear closed-toe boots or elaborate heels with maxi dresses, even for formal occasions. They won’t look right and will attract attention to the wrong area of the body.


Statement Jewelry


Have a simple, solid-colored or lightly patterned maxi dress and want to add a statement piece? Professional stylists say that this is a great idea. A statement necklace or a pair of elaborate hoop earrings can form a perfect complement to simpler maxi dresses.


Those who want to go for a more boho look can also try stacking bracelets. Combine stacked bracelets with a matching headscarf to capture that perfect, 1960s vibe. This is especially effective for floral, tie-dye or paisley print maxi dresses.


The Bottom Line


Every maxi dress is a little different, which is what makes them so versatile. With the right accessories, maxi dresses can be made to fit anything from a casual day at the beach to an important event like an anniversary. Some women even wear their appropriately styled maxi dresses to work.

The bottom line is that women passionate about their maxi dresses usually want to prioritize comfort and individuality over conforming to the style trends of the day. Have a beloved necklace, bracelet, scarf, or a pair of shoes that doesn’t seem like it fits the style tips listed above? Try it on anyway and see how it looks before relegating that favored piece to the back of the closet or the jewelry cabinet because the key to rocking the maxi dress is the wearer’s ability to express herself.

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