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A Viviere Salon Makeover and an Elightenment

As you all know, as I have mentioned before; 2012 started with a different bang. A lot of obstacles has been showing up all over and though there may be a lot of difficulties in my life right now. With God’s help, I will get through all of this and take each day at a time.
It was a day where my soul was broken, when I received a call from Working Mom magazine asking me if they could feature me in their magazine and talk about things. It gave my heart a short sigh making me realize that although there are a lot of set backs, God never fails to give blessings. As with the podcast I listend to Joel Osteen today; When there are things that we cannot answer, if there are dreams unfulfilled, relationships failing, sickness not healing, and a lot more. That even with all the pain and suffering we tend to ask God why, why is this happening? Even with all the prayers, faith, and work, things still do not go our way. God has a reason, and it’s always for our benefit. He may not answer us now, he may not answer us the reason why at all. But if we let go of all the hatred and bitterness, we will fully understand that we are in this moment because God has better plans for us.
We have to let go and give him full control in our lives when things do not work our way anymore. As Joel Osteen said, God loves us so much that he may have better plans than what we want right now. We just have to be strong and be patient. Instead of giving a question mark all the time. Let’s end it with a period. So that we can move on forward..
I cannot divulge the full story of what I’m going through but I think it’s not only myself who is going through all of this. We can do this peeps 🙂 Let’s move on forward together.


Back to the makeover, they gave me a free color, cut, and treatment from Viviere Salon and oh boy I just told the hair-cutter not to make my hair short as I’m trying to grow it.


Snip snip snip. The whole process took around 3 hours but they were nice enough to ask if I wanted any drinks.



They did great service and my hair looked better after a couple of weeks without blow drying it straight. It’s nice, wavy and had the volume I needed. Oh and I loved the red coloring. I honestly don’t know how much the highlights, color, cut and treatment cost. Thanks to Working Mom magazine for giving me a bump of confidence boost.

Sorry used a cam phone.. but here’s how it looks like up close and after a couple of weeks.

Philippians 4:13  I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

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