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Moonleaf Cafe

I do not know this person. I was taking pictures and he walked right in front. Grr. Oh I was too lazy to take another one :p


Their Wintermelon bestseller

I ordered the Wintermelon Milk Tea.. They just gave me my order quickly without asking me for sugar level options or add-ons. Oh, I also didnt know you had to specify your add-ons. I thought everything comes with pearls. My bad.

I got 100% sugar level default and it was sickeningly sweet. I tasted the roasted caramel taste of the wintermelon alright, but it was soooo sweet after 3 sips I got sore throat. I am not exaggerating. They have a lot of branches and I got mine at UST-Dapitan branch. I never got the taste of “tea”

Back to Simple Line milk tea if I want this good tea fix. Will not come back to Moon Leaf cafe again. The only winning part they have is the ambiance. Sortof the perfect place where students can gather and study, do projects or make tambay.

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