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Achieve cleaner indoor air with Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion and unique Airflow Technology

Having good indoor air quality is an important part of living in a healthy home. Lacking it can bring two common health problems to your family: allergy and asthma. When you remove the airborne irritants in your place, those who suffer from allergies and asthma gradually find relief from their symptoms. Not to mention, more people now prioritize cleaner air because of the airborne viruses which may harm our family.


Aside from that, even healthy individuals can also benefit from clean air. How? The benefits of breathing quality air are so extensive that they range from a higher quality of life, which translates into a longer life, to more productivity at work; as well as improving sleep, providing quality rest, reduction of sick leave, and, in general, greater comfort.

With this in mind, Sharp Corporation and Associate Professor Masashi Yamakawa conducted a study to prove how Plasmacluster Ions and Airflow technology effectively collect airborne particles. Masashi Yamakawa from the Kyoto Institute of Technology is an expert in the analysis of airborne virus droplets. With his assistance, they confirmed that an air purifier with Plasmacluster ions works much better than the conventional ones.

In this simulation, they utilized Sharp’s proprietary airflow air conditioner and an air purifier with our proprietary 20° Angled Rear-Directed Airflow. After that, they examined the effects of airflow from air conditioners and air purifiers on virus droplets in living spaces. 

They also calculated the speed and direction of the airflow of air conditioners and air purifiers and analyzed its movement in a living space under simulated usage. Yamakawa analyzed the movement (collection to equipment, adhesion to the surroundings) when virus droplets were released. Here’s a model of Sharp’s simulation together with Professor Yamakawa’s analysis.

* For airborne virus droplets, suspended particles are shown in red and adhering particles are shown in blue.

In this simulation, there’s a comparison between a general air purifier that sends air directly above the product with an air purifier with our proprietary 20° Angled Rear-Directed Airflow. Apart from that, they did an analysis and comparison using an air conditioner equipped with a general filter with high air pass-through efficiency.

The general air purifier releases a direct upward flow that causes the virus droplets to diffuse in several directions. How about Sharp’s air purifier? It causes the air to circulate so virus particles are effectively captured without being dispersed in space.

The same thing happens with Sharp proprietary airflow air conditioner versus a traditional one. For the regular air conditioner, the airborne virus droplets are carried on air currents and drawn into the air conditioner so they are not captured. These droplets are diffused again into the room on the air flowing out from the air conditioner. 

With a Sharp air conditioner, the air is blown upward. When an air purifier is placed directly underneath, an airflow is created that quickly circulates around the room. This process enables airborne virus droplets to be captured effectively.

For almost two decades, Sharp has been working toward achieving comfortable indoor air environments by using Plasmacluster and airflow technologies. Because of that, they have various products that are equipped with these advancements. Here are the latest appliances with Plasmacluster Ion Technology.

Most importantly, it features Plasmacluster ions which deactivate airborne allergens, viruses, and pollutants by using positive and negative ions.


  • Irish Laurio

    wow maganda to para malinis ang hangin sa paligid, kahit naman po kc nasa bahay lang tayo lagi hnd pa dn tlaga sure na safe ung hangin na nalalanghap natin po.

  • Chriss Tabamo

    Wow. Sa totoo lang po mommy gusto ko rin po talaga magkaroon ng ganito. para maachieve namin ang gusto naming hangin. Dito kasi mas makalasigurado tayo na safe Tayo. Sulit na sulit po talaga it dahil napakaganda po ng quality nya. Highly recommended talaga sya.

  • Apple Joy Camañero

    Wow napaka ganda pala nitong product na ito npka ganda ng quality . Pwedeng pwede ito smin lalo na at my baby ako at ung nanay ko my asthma . Tlagang makakaiwas sa mga germs at sa mga allergy ❤️

  • Rowena Callo Villareno

    Great review Mommy kaycee thank you for sharing po.Ganda pala nitong Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion and unique Airflow technology.Highly recommended lalo na sa may allergy and asthma kasi nakakapag deactivate siya nag airborne, allergies pati viruses.

  • Hyun Jang Nim

    I like this sharp plasma cluster ion and unique airflow technology. Mas advanced na yung technology na ginagamit nila. Very effective to deactivate viruses, pollutants, and allergens. Mas clean ang air mas mapapaganda ang quality of life.

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