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KB Glutathione Review

Not all reviews are created equal. This is actually a Throwback Thursday post. I can remember the first and last time that I used KB Glutathione. It was after I gave birth to my son Geof way back 2010. It was a time when I felt ugly, haggard and experienced partial post-partum depression. I thought of start taking glutathione pills again but due to lack of funds (I was a young underpaid individual who was starting from scratch). I wasn’t born “rich”, heck, I don’t even call myself well-off.

Sometimes I feel vulnerable, insecure,  and begin to compare myself to other bloggers, they were the lucky ones who were born with a silver spoon, while some bloggers have to work hard to get where they are right now.

Back to my story, I was then in a quest to search for a glutathione brand that can fit my small budget. KB Glutathione fits the bill. That time it costs 750php for a box of 30, and 250php for a box of 10. I bought the box of 10 since it’s the cheapest. I thought to myself “Maybe this will make my skin brighter”

2 different capsules are included

but it didn’t. Well, my quest didn’t end there but it stopped for a while because of the financial difficulties. I stopped taking gluta for a couple of years until my career and my finances are stabliized. I took glutathione again last year as my skin needed that much brightening and rejuvenation.


It boasts a formulation of 500mg vitamin C with Rosehips and 500mg NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine, click the link as I discussed the ingredient on a previous post). KB is not Glutathione I believe a lot of people are misled on the name, but they changed their marketing and they are saying it’s a glutathione activaotor. It’s an activator because to summarize, NAC helps our liver produce more glutathione in our bodies.


This is the question you readers really want answered. I took this for a couple of months, no significant whitening, no special brightening, although my appetite increased for some reason and I began to gain weight. I wasn’t satisfied. I felt like I wasted my money on this product.


No. It didn’t give me results eh. I actually received a complimentary box from KB but I still take my stand to provide my readers honesty. If you want an affordable and effective glutathione you can try Snow Caps Gluta or Gluta-White. I’m giving it 1 star since it didn’t give me pimples or allergic reactions. I also reviewed KB Body Lotion before if you’re interested in reading it.

KikaysiKat Rating 1 star


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