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Acne Care w/ Lactoferrin Review – Did It Work for Me?


After struggling with the pimples caused by using this particular whitening soap (visit to find out what) I’m so thankful that Vida Science, the same makers of Snow Caps Glutathione, sent me a complete set of Acne Care with Lactoferrin to try. This includes their soap, supplement, and drying lotion.
This post would hopefully answer your questions like how much is acne care? does acne care work? acne care review? where to buy acne care? My final thoughts at the end of this post!

Acne Care Lactoferrin Dietary Supplement – 880php/30 capsules
OMG sorry for the blurred photo but it has 100mg of Lactoferrin, 25mg of Limumlife Extra and 0.8 mg of Zinc Gluconate
  • Lactoferrin – If you are having trouble maintaining healthy or clear skin, lactoferrin also works at reducing acne activity and preventing breakouts. In a study published in Current Medical Research and Opinion, researchers found that young adults who took lactoferrin supplements twice a day for eight weeks were able to reduce acne outbreaks by 22.5 percent, while 77 percent of participants reported fewer signs of acne activity. (
  • Zinc – Improves skin healing and is anti-inflammatory (
  • Limumlife – Anti-inflammatory



Acne Care Drying Lotion – No price posted yet, to be announced


Acne Care Drying Lotion Ingredients
It reminds me of Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion. How to use? You dip your cotton bud in the bottle to get the pink sediments underneath. You then apply the pink sediment on your pimple to dry overnight.


Acne Care Soap – 149php
Acne Care Soap Active Ingredients
  • Tea Tree – a natural substance to dry pimples
  • Sulfur – dries acne naturally
  • Vitamins A, C and E – vitamin A promotes skin renewal, vitamins C and E moisturizes and builds collagen


The pimples huhuhu, see I don’t have perfect skin every time!
I consistently used the regimen for 1 month
After 1 month of using Acne Care. Did it work for me? 
NO IT DIDN’T. IT EVEN LEFT DARK MARKS ON MY SKIN. Boohoo..  BUT I love their AcneCare Soap. It’s gentle and it didn’t add up to more pimples and it cleanses really well.If you want an Acne Product that WORKS (na mura pa). I came back to my good ol’ Kati-Alis (click the link for the full review)

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