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5 Benefits of CRAWLING in Your Fitness Routine

Hey awesome fellas! I’m glad you stumbled on my page. Today I’ll be sharing with you benefits of adding crawls in your current fitness routine. As you all know, I’ve been doing Wendler’s 531 on/off for a couple of years now. Sometimes I change routines to try something different. But I go back to 531 because it’s simple, fast, and effective.

However, I notice a significant decline on my cardiovascular strength. That I seem to neglect because I totally abhor running on the treadmill or even cycling. That’s why I consulted my former mentor, and now current (again) Mark Limbaga to advance myself. Coach Mark was the one who introduced me to weight lifting, original strength, and kettlebells back in 2009 at Eclipse Gym pa.

So what we did was added a few cool-down exercises after my regular routine:

  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Farmer’s Walk
  • Rocking
  • Crawling

Hopefully I’ll be also to write about the other exercises. For now, let me share with you the amazing benefits of crawling!

5 Benefits of CRAWLING in Your Fitness Routine

#5 Crawling is a developmental movement pattern

It ties everything about you together. In developing children, crawling activates and integrates the different parts of the brain.

Crawling, the developmental movement pattern that we were all given the ability to perform, is being touted as a rehabilitative, restorative, and even a performance-enhancing movement. Some people are even calling crawling one of the best strength training exercises a person can perform. It is really quite laughable when you think about it: “Crawling, like a baby, can help your body heal and make you stronger and more resilient.”

#4 Crawling Unites Your Sensory System

It integrates your vestibular system (your balance system), your proprioceptive system (your sense of self in space, or your self awareness system), and your visual system (your visual system). It can even improve your hand eye coordination.

#3 Makes You More Reflexive

Your reflexive strength, also known as your reflexive stability, is your body’s ability to anticipate movement before it happens and/or reflexively react to movement as it happens. The faster your reflexes are, the more resilient you are. Your reflexive strength is your foundation of strength. If you are lacking reflexive strength, you cannot be as strong and as mobile as you are meant to be.

#2 Improves Mind/Body Coordination

It is the contra-lateral movement (coordinated opposite limb movement) that our walking pattern is built upon. Crawling teaches our shoulders and our hips how to work together in a coordinated fashion – it “ties” them together. Crawling also reflexively stimulates the muscles throughout your arms, legs, and torso to fire through the sensory nerves, or mechano-receptors, in our hands and feet. These sensory nerves act like buttons. When these buttons get pressed, the muscles throughout the body instantly contract.

#1 Resets Your Body for Faster Recovery

It restores your central nervous system, lowers your stress levels, and allows you to recover faster from the rigors of your training or your day-to-day life.






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