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Gong Cha now Open at Glorieta 4 Food Choices!

Weeeeeee… I’m so happy to share this with everyone that my favorite milk tea place is finally finally near where I work haha! No more super long delivery times and no more purchasing milk tea from other brands just to get my fix.

It’s conviniently located at Food Choices Glorieta and I got this feeling that lines are going to be long 🙂 It’s my favorite milk tea shop ever since I had one at SG. So thankful it’s here in the Philippines. If it’s your first time, try Gong Cha House Special Green Tea 100% sugar. I like 50% wintermelon 50% alisan tea with their special cream… trust me, it tastes sooo good it has a really nice firm creamy texture with the perfect mix of sweet and salty.


  • herroyalbleakness

    Ive always had an inkling that milk teas will go famous one day if they ever do get out of our local chinese stores… and here they are, making such a huge wave in the market! 🙂

    favorite ko ang milk tea but ive never had the chance to not sip it out of the confines of Wa-ying (super fave ko milk tea from them!). Naku, I better make a trip to milk tea stores and Gong Cha sounds like a good first stop! Salamat sa info!

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