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Food: Blenz Iced Belgian Chocolate Drink + Cheeseroll

I think I had this for breakfast over a week ago, when I was addicted to Blenz’ Belgian Iced Choco (Dark) for a week. To be honest, most of their coffee drinks are bland and seemed to be lacking in sweetness, but their shaken teas and iced chocolate are to CRAVE for.

Iced Choco Regular: 145php, Cheeseroll:65php
The warning sign is soooo true. It’s really delicious!

Now you have two options, Milk or Dark. I prefer the Dark one because it brings out the true taste of the Belgian chocolate and you can even bite bits and pieces of belgian chocolate. It’s sweetness is just right and it has something that makes you want to sip over and over again. If you’re a fan of iced chocolate, this is a must try.


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