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What Can You Buy with 88 Pesos?

Okay.. I’ll ask you, straight to the point! What can you buy with 88 pesos? Hmm a KFC snack meal? 1-pc chicken at Jolibee? Load? haha.. can’t think of any at that time.. but being blessed to have been chosen as one of the partners of HBC, When Chic Hits the Pan has been privileged to go on an 88-peso shopping spree at HBC. Oh and it’s a first time as well!

(Yes.. HBC is on an 88-peso sale and you MUST MUST MUST go there FAST as it’s up to August 21 only, and I tell you, you won’t regret visiting a store and you will go home with an item or two, or three, or even 24)

I wasn’t expecting much really, since first thing that comes into my mind when it comes to sales like these is:
1. Products about to expire
2. Unsaleable products
3. Get rid of old stocks fast!

But at HBC they displayed:
1. Generally new stocks with expiration dates of 2013-2014
2. Best sellers
3. A lot of choices

It may look teeny, but there are treasures in this lot

It was a pleasant surprise when I was greeted cheerfuly by the sales lady and directed me to the 88-peso counter and I was amazed with the selection of items in offer. From cosmetics ranging from their latest foundations, mascaras, lipsticks, and yes the mousse collection that I’ve been raving about in this previous post is up for grabs at 88php. For the skincare they have a wide range available from scrubs, lotions, to hair removers. For the parloristas out there, don’t miss the hair dyes, gels, colors, waxes, shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments. Whew….

My basket of 88php and 44php goodies

I need to  choose worth 2,000php of 88php and 44php items (it’s a bonus, did you know that their milk spf20 is only 44php). I went to the register with this basket and they told me I need to get 6 more! and I thought it was too much. They went bottom low with 88php because most of the products costs above 200php!

No this is not on sale. I bought this on a whim because this is one of the great best finds I could recommend you it’s so deliciously moisturizing and it’s a lip color mind you.


A happy, haggard no-makeup tired self. 🙂

Oops.. sorry to the guy who was having his diamond peel behind me! Hehe.. Watch out for my next post where I’ll post the items I got individually.

HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got to hurry though it’s up to August 21 only!!! *panics* It won’t disappoint you!! HBC branches are everywhere so go and visit one NOW!



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