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Asian Eye Institute Rates & Review | My First Time Wearing Glasses


I began experiencing dizziness and blurred vision earlier this year. It was the mixed feelings of thrill and fear. Was it time for me to finally get prescription glasses? I’d secretly always wanted a pair because call it cliche, wearing eyeglasses sorta makes you look smarter. So I thought I’d give it more time to see if I really need to see an optometrist. A few weeks of foggy sight later, I decided to post a recommendation request on FB to see where I can have my eyesight checked.

2018-04-05 06_19_18-Kaycee Enerva eye glasses - Facebook Search

Asian Eye Institute Rates & Review

After seeing my friends different clinic and optometrist recommendations. From generic mall kiosks to specialists, I finally decided to visit Asian Eye Institute in Trinoma


Here are their consultation rates depending on your needs. I don’t need anything complicated so just went with a general consulation.


Around 15 years ago or so, I had a “refraction” just to check if my vision was still 20/20. The generic eye clinics had a basic machine and regular reading of fonts in a variety of sizes. I noticed the check-up in Asian Eye Institute was more in-depth and thorough.

Aside from the usual machine refraction, the optometrist checked my sight left and right, using different methods to see if my vision was really impaired. Not only that, they had me see another doctor to diagnose if the change in my eyesight was caused by glaucoma, cataract, etc with the use a “bump” test. She put a few drops of medicine in my eye that’s a little stingy.

It was something you’d appreciate when getting a check-up because it was really extra. You can imagine how I felt when the optometrist told me I needed to wear glasses…. THRILLED! I had a reason to wear glasses without feeling like a poseur.


In deciding which kind of frame to buy I had the assistance of my partner-in-crime, Ryan. He told me a cat-eye frame would suit my face shape. Are you excited to see what I got? (Oh geez, I already ruined the surprise by placing it as my header photo LOL)


Ta-da! A frame ala Lisa Loeb from Kenneth Cole Reaction (SRP: 6,995php). These glasses, including the frame felt light, comfortable, and sit nicely on my face. I’m so glad I chose to visit Asian Eye Institute!


How do I look? But the better question to ask myself is, how do I see? Oh boy HD, crisp and clear!




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