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Azure Dreams : The Gamer in Me

Now besides being a makeup aficionado, I am also a gamer in heart. I began enjoying computer games ever since I was 6 years old and discovered the joys of SNES, Family Computer, Gameboy, Playsation, and onwards.. Now for more than 15 years of gaming, I want to introduce, or perhaps reintroduce to you, my favorite game of all time.

It is Playstation 1’s Azure Dreams.

It is a rogue-type RPG *role playing game* that involves a lot of things.

  • Collect Monsters
  • Battle up to the top of the tower
  • Good storyline
  • Build your town! (just like sim)
  • Get a lovelife (a lot of girls to choose from)
  • Develop your weapons and armor
  • Get rich
I am not a fan of your typical role playing games like Final Fantasy (but I find the Suikoden Series better). For me, better game play is better than useless graphics. I dont need to be impressed by CGs if the game play sucks.

Even after more than 10 years, playing this game brings a lot of memories and enjoyment, and it is still LOADS OF FUN to play! 
You can try it with an emulator + rom via torrent downloads. Or if you still have your PS1, go ahead, pop that CD in.. 
For those who need a bit of help, here’s the link to the BEST walkthrough for Azure Dreams. Yes it’s more than 10 years old, but it is still the best.

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