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My Back-to-School Shopping at National Book Store!

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May, the in between vacation, and back-to-school season. It’s this time of the month where mommies like me are excited to shop for their kids’ supplies! I remember when I was a kid myself, it’s one of my fondest memories of my mom. Holding her hand inside National Book Store, immersing myself in the smell of fresh leaves of books and notebooks. Then also making bugging her to buy me a couple of toys inside the store. Haha!

Now that I’m a mom myself, it’s my turn to spend! *cough* shop! I was invited to a special shopping spree with my co-mommy bloggers at National Book Store Last week. Perfect timing  because I just received the list of things to buy from school and I’m more than ready to shop. Come join me in my shopping trip by reading the entire post! You might spot some deals and steals in the process.

My Back-to-School Shopping at National Book Store!



Together with my co-mommy bloggers


Look how organized the notebook section is. It’s separated from spiral, composition, regular, and even those yarn notebooks. I remember the yarn notebooks back in highschool where we (yes we students) manually labored to yarn our own notebooks. Wow may ready-made na!


Back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to be stressful despite being a busy time. National Book  Store has a superb selection that’s budget-friendly!


The store layout has been improved as well, making it easier to go around and shop for the items you need. Tables and shelves are clearly labeled, and items are carefully arranged to make the most of your shopping experience.


Best Buy Shopping

Who can forget Best Buy? We’re basically getting quality products at an affordable price. Imagine 12 notebooks for the price of 10! My Best Buy favorites are pens, pencils, papers (especially the crosswise, lengthwise, whole that’s used a lot during exams). Glue, crayons, watercolor, staplers. OMG almost everything I get is from Best Buy. Sulit kasi!


Cool Find Spotted! Are you like me who’s tired of cutting plastic covers and scotch tapes to cover all those books and notebooks? My gosh answered prayers! I discovered this Polar Bear Adhesive Book Cover that you’ll just put your book or notebook on top. Fold the corners. Tada! It sticks instantly.



Time to pay! Don’t forget to always bring your Laking National Card to earn points. Sayang din no! Geof and I are going back because I want to bring him when we buy his school bag (also available in NBS) and other personalized goodies. What’s your back-to-school shopping story? Tell me din in the comments below I would love to hear yours! ^_^

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