kanebo intense crayon rouge
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MAKEUP REVIEW: KANEBO Intense Crayon Rouge in 06 Stylish Bordeaux – A Classy & Elegant Deep Red Lipstick

kanebo intense crayon rouge
kanebo intense crayon rouge

There are days when I feel insecure and unsure. Powerless. You probably heard this cliche for the millionth time but there is some truth to this. You have to fake it til you make it. Confidence. Sometimes all you need is a pop of powerful lip color such as a deep, vibrant red; to transform your feelings from outside-in.

This is how I felt while using Kanebo Intense Crayon Rouge in 06 Stylish Bordeaux. Confident and sexy. Read my detailed review below and look at the photo swatches below.



A crayon lipstick with a soft matte finish in high intense color.


06 Stylish Bordeaux

The calm and dark tone leads into a refined elegant yet chic impression.


Kanebo Intense Crayon Rouge in 06 Stylish Bordeaux Swatch





MAKEUP REVIEW: KANEBO Intense Crayon Rouge in 06 Stylish Bordeaux

Packaging – It comes in a classy twist-up sleek stick.
Coverage – Very opaque. One swipe is enough to distribute a opaque pigment.
Texture – Creamy, satin, moisturizing but not glossy. It glides like gel.
Scent – Fragrance-free
Longevity – Lasts a good 5 hours and even more because it leaves a nice stain.
Transferability – Be careful when eating or drinking. Even touching your lips. As the strong pigment will transfer. I accidentally touched my lips, and then my face and I marked my cheeks red LOL.
Color – Stylish Bordeaux is a rich deep red wine. It’s as if you stained your lips while drinking.

Tip: Wear it on a bare face and see your face bloom!

PROS – The color is beautiful, the pigment is strong. It’s moisturizing for a crayon, and even kept my lips soft without flaking or chapping.
CONS – The width of the lipstick is thick. If you have thin lips, I recommend you use a brush. It’s not your usual swipe and apply.
Final Thoughts – I’ll get this lipstick for the uniqueness of its color alone. It’s the type of red that will not make you look like a clown. It’s the type of deep wine that will make you look “too mature”.


I’d like to hear your thoughts on this lipstick. What do you think? Is this a yay or a nay for you?



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