Barkada Review of Mr Pizza Korea (Greenbelt 3 – Makati)

Full Mukbang Review with Video of Mr. Pizza Korea located at Greenbelt 3 Makati
Budget/Damage: 500/person
It’s Tummy Tuesdays once again folks! The first question that popped from our heads was “Why Mr Pizza?” “The restaurant name is so common. Mr Pizza. Like Mr. Donut. Don’t they have any better ideas to name their pizza place?” “What’s the difference with Korean pizzas?” Well, if you’re looking for a silly video of friends’ commentaries then watch this.. you and your barkada could probably relate to this scenario! I’m also trying out to participate in this “Mukbang” trend where I post videos of myself or my friends enjoying food!
You must watch the entire video! So funny!
The ambiance of Mr Pizza is very casual. There’a s huge TV screen that plays

A cost of a large sized pizza that can feed 4 people (if you’re only going to order pizza) is around 500-600 pesos. This is a 12 inch pizza with a generous amount of toppings. This was the first thing we noticed with their pizza. Hindi tinipid. This one is their Seafood Pizza topped with olives, shrimps, crab meat, anchovies, mushroom, and green bellpepper laid on top of mozarella and white cheese under a sweet tomato sauce base. 
The pizza dough is thick crust. Chewy and soft. I find it easy to bite and chew despite having braces and all. The shrimps are also fried tempura-style! This is super yummy. We recommend ordering this pizza the most if you’re going to dine here the first time. But for those with seafood allergies like John, try another one instead.

Why settle with pizza when you can also order pasta?! Ay grabe, while writing this post, and seeing the photo of their ultra special Spicy Chicken Pasta, it makes me want to go to Mr Pizza again and order this one, even if just this one dish. This has got to be my favorite dish among all those we ordered. I loved it so much I ordered a separate plate for myself! It has a nice spicy kick, the creamy sauce balances it out but the chili makes it less nakaka-umay. It has hefty loads of chicken meat making it high in protein. Their pasta noodle is also cooked perfectly al dente! A FAVORITE AND A MUST TRY!

Their baked spaghetti with tomato base is just average. So-so. I found the sauce too sweet. Obviously this dish is boring, with my one-liner of a description.

This dish should be avoided at all cost. I hated this pizza with a passion. Now I love bacon, I love sweet potatoes, I love potatoes; but this one is too much! I think if you try to eat the whole pizza you;ll die within minutes. This is their “special” Bacon Pizza with Potatoes with their Golden Crust. The golden crust is a crispy sweet potato filled crust that’s good enough to have as dessert. Perhaps if we didn’t order the bacon with it it won’t be too much. Pero grabe this pizza is so OILY. With the amount of chunky potatos laid on top, making this dish CARB and FAT loaded.

All in all, we will still come back in Mr. Pizza but we already have our favorites. We might go experimental and try other variants because the Seafood Special was good. I will order the Spicy Chicken Pasta again that’s for sure!

How about you? Have you tried dining in Mr Pizza Already? What’s your favorite?
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Take care beautiful person. Come again soon! – Kaycee


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