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Beauty on a Budget: EB Eye Pencils

To give a contrast to my other series of posts (If I Was Filthy Rich), I’m bringing back KikaysiKat’s Beauty on a Budget. This is a blog segment that will feature affordable cosmetics that will not cost you an arm and a leg especially filipino makeup brands.  These brands would be readily available to you for purchasing at any department store or on-line store near you! Isn’t that exciting? I’ll give the verdict if it’s good for recommendation or it’s as cheap as it’s price.

First up! EB Eye Pencils, or Ever Bilena Eye Pencils or Ever Bilena Eyeliners. I remember back in college that Ever Bilena was one of the brands I go to besides Nichido or Aido. They fit my budget very well. I could only afford makeups that cost less than 500php on a monthly basis! Who can relate? Raise your hands or post a comment! I loved their “Amethyst” blush that’s a dupe for NARS Orgasm. I think I posted a review here way way back but I will re-write for a better review, swatches, and photos. Are you ready? Let’s start!


How it looks when swatched on hand


How it actually looks when applied on eyelids




  • Buildable color. This is excellent for beginners in makeup as compared to liquid, you’d be less prone to mistakes and smudges.
  • Works as a brow pencil too! Due to it’s hard consistency, with a light hand, gently apply on your brows like an ordinary brow pencil. Double purpose diba? 🙂
  • CHEAP! Costs 99php for a full sized pencil that I think will last you a year or so.
  • It comes in brown and black.
  • It smudges gracefully
  • It didn’t give me racoon eyes


  • Texture a bit dry and hard, you need to warm it up first or else it tugs your eyes.
  • It is not waterproof
  • The black is not SUPER black.

Will I buy again?

Yes! It’s a product that can be compared, if not better than some more expensive brands out there. It’s also feels nice to support a local makeup brand. Pinoy made! 

KikaysiKat Tip: Sharpen your pencil a bit before use to ensure it’s clean, fresh and to make sure it draws line at it’s best

I used black on upper lids and brown on my lower lids

This is my FOTD I used L’Oreal Star Collection lipstick in Barely Coral and EB eye pencils in black and brown. What local and afforadble makeup have you used lately?

KikaysiKat Rating 4/5 Stars!


  • Kaycee Enerva

    (Y) thank you for this blog miss kat 🙂 i was actually searching for a cheaper eyeliner .. But i think i'm no good at searching T.T . all the prices ranges to 200+ :'( haha now i know which brand to buy. . . . by the way I like your lipstick >.< i love the way it contrast with your skin tone.

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