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If Was Filthy Rich I’d Like a Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold City Please

This is the first post of my “If I Was Filthy Rich” series. Why filthy rich and not just rich? If I had a lot of money I’d rather spend it on priorities than a luxury bag BUT if I was filthy rich and I just poop money everyday I’d splurge on all material things a girl can ask for.

Us girls can always dream right? My first feature is a Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold City. It’s a classic Balenciaga bag that’s large enough to fit all my daily cosmetics, gadgets, files, among others.


They say that owning a Balenciaga bag is an investment because the bag is so well-made it’s very sturdy and can withstand daily abuse. Not to mention how eye-catchingly simple the design is that even when you’re wearing a simple attire, the bag is enough to catch attention. Pero naisip ko here in Manila, attracting attention is not too good especially if you’re gonna walk the city streets by yourself. Danger!


Those are the 3 things I look for in a handbag. Stylish, Roomy, and Durable. The Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold City can take you from grocery trips to night outs. Look at the photos of the celebs below, the bag just screams and stands out don’t you agree?




If I was filthy rich, this would be one of my first purchases. If you were rich, what would be yours?


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